Microsoft continues to support DS, but not PSP

1UP asked Shane Kim, Microsoft Corporate VP, about the possibility of Microsoft games appearing on handhelds. His answer? "We do it today. We don't publish those titles directly ourselves, we are creating intellectual property that have great appeal to customers of handheld devices. Whether you're talking about mobile or the DS -- you probably won't see it on the PSP, though."

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you dare publish this as news? This story broke weeks ago

PS360WII4893d ago

Even Microsoft knows the DS is a better handheld then the PSP. Ah the only people left who feel the PSP is worthwhile are the homebrewers... ah well least Sony tried the handheld market

achira4891d ago

PS360WII i have both handhelds. and the psp owns the ds 1000000 times. i bet that you even dont own a psp, and i must say its the best handheld ever (of course with homebrew, lol).