Atlas Fallen Gameplay Live Stream (PC/4K) – Boss Battle and Overview – Deck 13 Delivers Again

CG writes: We dive in to Deck 13’s latest action game, Atlas Fallen on PC and can say with hand on heart, they are onto another cool game. Much like their previous titles, The Surge and The Surge 2 this open world game delivers some nice gameplay moments. It releases on August 10th on current consoles and PC. Check out our two gameplay videos showcasing the game in action at max settings, 4K using RTX 4090.

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Atlas Fallen: Extended PS5 Gameplay

Here is some extended gameplay from the opening of Atlas Fallen on a PS5.


Review: Atlas Fallen's combat starts strong but fizzles out quickly - Entertainium

Atlas Fallen's momentum system is a fantastic idea and works well, but the fights themselves aren't interesting enough to keep up.

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Atlas Fallen Review - Terribly Executed Ideas | eXputer

Atlas Fallen has some really interesting ideas, but poor execution of those results in a truly flawed product.