Microsoft strongly considering a Xbox 360 price drop?

During a strategic update yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer commented on on the likelihood of a 360 price cut. "I think every console in the world has had a price decrease sometime in the first few years. I don't know whether we'll have a price decrease in the first few years, and I don't want to comment on that, but I will highlight for you that every console has had a price decrease in the first few years," he said.

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deadeyes995701d ago

Whats with the ugly dude?

SEAN16175701d ago

that sweaty fat pig is steve ballmer the ceo of ms

BoneMagnus5701d ago

Thanks for the laugh! I'm home with the kids today; baby's been fussy...much needed!


price drop would rape the PS3 to kingdom come - lets hope it happpens

JasonPC360PS3Wii5700d ago

You just might be right about that.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5700d ago

Man, Baller needs to lay off the doughnuts! WHaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttsssss ssss UUUUUUUpppppppppppppppppppp... ......

ernande5700d ago

Yes. They desperately need to if they want to keep the lead over Nintendo. The Wii is quickly catching up in sales because it's new, cheaper and something totally different.

Microsoft was so confident in themselves after Sony announced their price points.

Nintendo is the dark horse here, and they may actually come out on top if Microsoft continues to think of the Wii as some cute novelty device for kids.

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