Like a Dragon Gaiden Reveals Kiryu & Akame's Relationship and New Characters & Screenshots

Today Sega released new screenshots and details of the upcoming Yakuza game Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

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SimpleSlave345d ago

Glad to see the real Yakuza show up. Hopefully it's not a one off and it brings the series back to its rightful genre. The good one.

Yes, I know, Turd Based sold better. Yes, I know, you think series should change genres in order to freshen up. Yes, I know, your lack of imagination is outstanding and you would like a pat on the head for excelling at it. So, for the next Yakuza, I suggest a Doom Eternal clone. Maybe even a Tetris or Pac-Man-like. That should freshen it up good...

Again, at least it wouldn't be a Turd Based atrocity. So there's that.

andy85344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Guess you're not playing the highest rated game of this year then. You know that other turn* based atrocity - *game 🤣

SimpleSlave344d ago

Wait! Hold on. Was I talking about any other game other than the Turd Based "Yakuza" game? Way to fall flat on your face there bud. You tried but mayhaps you shouldn't have. It was just too much. Still...

*Pat on the head. You gave it your best.

*To the rest of the class: You see what I mean? THIS is your brain on Turd Based Yakuza games. Know the Signs of Turd Based Combat Abuse. Say no to TBC.

*Muah! Fantastic.


Like I said. And you should back me up on this. No more Turd Based Yakuza games. From now on we want a Pokemon Coliseum Card Based Text Adventure Loot Box Game.

You and CrimsonWing69 will absolutely love it. I guarantee it.


andy85344d ago

Well yes, because you said 'turd based'. So clearly you hate the genre.
And to the rest of your post...you're either about 12 years old or you have real issues. Which given the fact you said turd instead of turn in every comment, and the ridiculousness of the rest of it, im thinking the former 😂

SimpleSlave344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

No andy. You do not get to project your insecurities and mediocrity onto me. Don't be so disgusting.

I get it. I embarrassed you and now you're feeling inadequate about the fact that you have nothing of value or witty to say. So you feel the need to lash out. But bud. Listen! You were always inadequate and unfunny. So, please! Don't blame me for that.

Kewl? Awesome!

The sad thing is that at end of the day all of this shows that you're just like a Turd Based Combat Yakuza game. Too slow and tedious. So mayhaps you might want to change genres and try again...or not.


To answer your very well thought out and adult query. Yes, I AM 12 years old. Of course. Which means I'm about 6 years older than you bud.

Now hold L2/LB to Turd around and escape...Or Press X to Jason in your case.

😂 🤣

andy85344d ago

Oh my 😂 yeah I'm sure embarrassed, For you at the fact I said 2 sentences and was answered by a wall of drivel, twice 🤣

SimpleSlave344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

More like you only had enough for 2 sentences before shriveling up at the thought of anything more than that. Something that you're clearly intimately familiar with...

😂 🤣🤣😂

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neutralgamer1992344d ago

Here here

Yakuza is never TBC. We supported this game when it wasn’t known and now new fans tell us what we want from yakuza. Sega heard loud and clear that long series fans want proper yakuza games with beat ‘‘em up combat

andy85344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I'm a 15 year fan of Yakuza and welcomed them trying something new for one game because we've had 10 games of the same combat in the same city and it worked amazingly well which originally I'd have never thought. They are still releasing frequent games with the original combat too, the Judgment series, LAD Ishin, LAD Gaiden. People vote with their wallets, if it wasn't what people wanted it wouldn't sell and they'd revert back.

SimpleSlave344d ago

They only put up a front when it's not one of their series getting gutted this way. Oh! They'll tell you they don't care but they do. They're just to goofy to admit it.

The sad thing is that when confronted with arguments they just revert to "But it Sold BETTER!!!" instead of actually putting in the work and bringing actual points of their own.

We want the Yakuza that we supported when nobody gave a crap. There are a myriad of ways to move the series forward without sacrificing the core gameplay. And it certainly not as a mediocre Turd Based floater.

There are also a plethora of Turn Based Game to choose from out there and the Yakuza Series doesn't need to be one of those. Especially when the real Yakuza Series is basically one of a kind.

C'est la vie.

neutralgamer1992344d ago


I want them to try new things and am for all the freedom. But don’t forget about fans like us. This series wouldn’t have made it to where it is today without us

And that’s all we long time series fans ask. We respect the developers freedom and trying new things and as a longtime fan yourself you would understand that too

shinoff2183344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I still havent got to the turn based one. I'm on yakuza 6. Still gotta start that one. Then I can try the turn Based one. Is it bad ?

I got into this series when it came out on ps2. I really enjoyed it so just kept on playing.

Sounds like some of you feel how I feel about cough final fantasy cough cough

andy85344d ago

@shinoff2183 it's fantastic, but you do have to like turn-based games. Yakuza with a bit more strategy I guess. I'm a big Final Fantasy guy too, but it's kinda different. With each itineration now they change the battle system. Of course it was turn based originally and they changed that and it hasn't really worked since (apart from FFXVI). But changing this system did work.

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PS Store download ranking for November 2023 (Japan): Like a Dragon Gaiden debuts at No.1

In the PS5 ranking, “Ryu ga Gotoku 7 Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name” ranks first. In second place is "Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III." And "STAR OCEAN THE SECOND STORY R" took third place.

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Nyxus221d ago

Good to see both Yakuza and Star Ocean doing well.


WayTooManyGames' Top 20 Best Games of 2023

WTMG's Leo Faria: "Ah, 2023. You were a chaotic year in terms of wars, climate change, politics, and other bad news, but when it came to gaming, yet again, despite all odds, you were still able to deliver. Even though games got delayed, Nintendo Switch ports got sent out in the wild running at 10 frames a second, companies got shut down, and publishers tried to come up with new ways to make us fear for the future of the industry, a barrage of great games kept being released at a delightful pace all throughout 2023."

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Christopher221d ago

Interesting list. Glad it isn't AAA driven.

Kneetos220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

Everyone looks serious in the image

Mario in the back :D


Like a Dragon Gaiden Reveals English Voice-overs and Infinite Wealth Gameplay Showcased

An update adding English voice-overs to Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name is coming soon, and now you can hear what they sound like.

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