Modern Warfare 3 Slide Cancel mechanic may be returning, according to CoD influencers

A number of influencers have been given clues pointing towards the return of the Slide Cancel movement mechanic in Modern Warfare 3.

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351d ago

Report: Call of Duty x Fallout Crossover Might be Coming to Modern Warfare 3 According to Dataminers

According to a recent datamine, a Call of Duty Fallout crossover may be arriving with Season 4, alongside other crossover content.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Is The Hype Over?

NoobFeed Editor Tao Dawkins writes - Gamers have seen 14 years’ worth of Call of Duty games come and go since the original release of MW2. Fast-forward to 2023, gamers are in a completely different landscape today, and to better understand the evolution of why the shooter genre has transformed in so many ways, we have to focus on a specific point in time when the Call of Duty franchise made its paradigm shift.

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206d ago
Profchaos206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

In gaming circles MW3 is a failure outside of gaming circles seems to be business as usual yet I believe this one damaged the reputation of cod.

Kotick wanted it out the door for holidays of the stocks dipped that would of hurt his golden parachute pricing and sell off of shares he didn't care about the following years or ms he wanted cash and a out now devs are free to speak without fear of losing their jobs a lot of the truth is filtering out in commentary and we are seeing how much of a see you next Tuesday kotick is including making death threats to devs and disregarding advice

Sciurus_vulgaris206d ago

As you stated, ABK employees have been accusing Kotick of negatively influencing the development of COD MW3 (2023) and Overwatch 2. I recall in 2021/2022 that there were reports that the annual development cycle of CoD was going to be disrupted. MW3 was either not intended for a 2023 release, or it was expected to be an expansion for MW2.

KyRo205d ago

MW3 damaged the reputation of COD? Not the last three games that came before it? CW, VG and MW2 were terrible and WZ2 ruined a lot of of what people liked about WZ. MW3 has fixed nearly every issue that we're problems in the last couple of games and WZ now played a lot more like OG WZ than WZ2. The poor reviews were mainly down to the awful campaign which is justified TBF.

My main gripe with COD are the skins which don't belong in CODs asthetic but it's past the point of no return now.

Ironmike205d ago

I loving cod this yr much better than 2 it just the new thing to hate mw3 it's still sold more than any game this yr

mrcatastropheAF205d ago

MW2 was great from a campaign and MP perspective.

From what I've seen/played, the campaign is all that is lacking in MW3

Notellin205d ago

Call of Duty is similar to McDonald's. The commoners will stop and eat here daily while the educated and contributing members of society will drive on by to the more healthy options with significantly better quality.

Npugz7205d ago

It’s gone to the shitter it’s basically Fortnite now!

itsmebryan205d ago

IIsnt MW3 at the top of the sales charts ?

smolinsk205d ago

It's The campaign and only the campaign that is lacking. All the multiplayer stuff is great in Modern Warfare 3. Alot better then MW 2

chicken_in_the_corn205d ago

It has a better campaign than MWII and Vamguard

smolinsk205d ago

Wow you know you are all alone on that right?

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Modern Warfare 3 Receives Helpful New Accessibility Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just introduced their new accessibility options for many players who are currently using it.

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