One unbelievable sharp screenshot of Final Fantasy XIII

We have to wait till 2008 before we can play Final Fantasy XIII, but Square Enix released one brand new screenshot of the game. This screenshot is unbelievable sharp and you can really count the hairs of Lighting (the main character of Final Fantasy XIII)

power of Green 6061d ago

Holly Sh*T!!! that's looking great/badass!!!!.

NoUseMerc6061d ago

The game looks great but this screen is old.

Shadow Flare6061d ago

power of green took the words out my mouth

crikey mate! Im so hoping this game is incredible. That's a frickin awesome screenshot. That screenshot even on some levels beats Advent Children graphically

Drew6061d ago (Edited 6061d ago )

Bullshots, anyone?

I don't doubt that it'll look great, but that great? No way that's a screencap.


No way that's a screencap of an in-game scene. My money is on a screencap of a pre-rendered scene, because lord knows that's what Squeenix likes to do.

techie6061d ago (Edited 6061d ago )

In-game footage SHOULD look like that now - or will do in this generation. Nextgen systems have the ability to render hair like that on the fly - especially the ps3 with its spu's making alculations for the movement of little things like that - can see it with Heavenly Sword...but certainly not that good. We'll see.

Oh and as you can see in Advent Children screen - it's much easier to animate hair that's got some product in it cause theres less hairs to calculate, as they can move together. lol

Bullseye6060d ago

I think your comments are way off on this one. In game of this quality,in this generation of consoles. Naah. Maybe, just maybe, on leading edge graphic PC's. Our consoles are not really that powerful in reality.Nice pic though.Of course i could be wrong, but i don't think so on this occasion.

power of Green 6061d ago (Edited 6061d ago )

Your probably right that's what the PS3 will be good at(I have always said that), but i also believe that PS3 will be able to pull off canned animation close to this pic. If Sony uses this graphical short cut it won't make any differnce to the average consumers if PS3 is able to peice in Movies and good graphics Blu-ray's going to give PS3 it's own personal flavor with Movie and gamplay mix and obivouslly be the bread winner for PS3.

It's the only hope for PS3 mixing Advent Children like story telling that PS fans like anyways(taste in this Japanese style) Cut scene or not the PS3 has the space to take advantage of this. It looks good non the less.

Heavenly Sword hair lol,

techie6061d ago

What about Heavenly Sword hair!? Il admi its artistic - but we haven't seen that kind of flowing hair in in-game before - seriously the amoun of calculating to make that happen is immense.