Destiny 2 Fans Are Fed Up With The Way Bungie Is Handling The Game

Bungie's recent State of the Game update for Destiny 2 has enraged fans due to the lack of PvP content, ritual armors, and the death of Gambit.

Stanjara114d ago

We don't like it bu hu... but still are paying their battlepass. People are idiots. Stop playing the game.

Sonic1881114d ago

The same goes for a lot of other games 😂

xHeavYx114d ago

Can you make a more generic, dumber comment? Tons of people are leaving the game, even the hardcore Destiny streamers are moving on to different games. The number of players actually playing the game have been declining month after month as well.

dumahim114d ago

Fans have been bitching about how Bungie has handled the game for years. Stuff like scaling back the XP earned after you kill so many of the same thing in a row or in a certain area. Now people are leaving in droves?

-Foxtrot114d ago

The issue is Bungie will just float a shiny new Destiny 3 in front of their faces and they’ll be back.

xHeavYx114d ago

@dumahim Most people are now leaving because they realized that Bungie doesn't care about Destiny anymore and are moving all resources to their new game. Like it happened to me, it took longer for some people to realize that the Destiny franchise was dying, but now it's pretty obvious.

@-Foxtrot I don't think there's going to be a Destiny 3 at all, unless it's a mobile game or a low budget project.

specialguest114d ago

I agree. Stop playing the game. Stop giving them your money. Video games aren't a necessity to live. It's not like this is the only game or video game company out there

Seraphim114d ago

this is just part of the cycle. The last time it was sun-setting, and vaulting. Before that it was something or the other, but I don't remember. I quit playing when they vaulted/sunset which was an excuse to just remove myself from that game finally. The point is, Bungie has consistently f'd up, fans have consistently been t'd off about something or another. This was simply long overdo and part of the Destiny/Bungie cycle.

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FPS_D3TH114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Me but two years ago. Stopped playing and glad I did. Too many better games than being price gouged to s#it for something that inevitably gets removed, nerfed or becomes irrelevant

gleepot114d ago

thats weird, I'm fed up with the way the destiny 2 community handles themselves, and their treatment of bungie employees

by far the most toxic community ive ever seen, and each one of them are absolutely miserable human beings

DeusFever114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Destiny players, aka Guardians, have been fed with Bungie since Destiny launched in 2014. Back then, headlines weren’t as click-baity as they are now, so we didn’t talk about “enraged fans”. But believe me when I tell you that the vast majority of conversation about Destiny was about how Bungie was mismanaging the game. Bungie built this community on cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome. Sometimes I think about getting back into Destiny but then I see something like “ritual armors” and I’m glad I’m out.

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