Iwata: If Wii Doesn't Outsell GameCube, We've Failed

Miyamoto never used the full power of the GameCube.
In a Corporate Management Briefing, when asked about how many Wii Nintendo expected to have sold in three years, Satoru Iwata said, "I do not intend to declare how many Wii we will be selling today........

bernie6571d ago

I really enjoy my Xbox360 and after E3 can see its got a great future, but Nintendo's Wii is also going to be a must buy for me, its different and looks like it will be a hell of a lot of fun. My 360 will have its in depth FPS, Driving, beat-em-up and RTS/MMORPG titles, while the Wii will have a lot of quick & fun party titles, both will have action/adventure games and both will complement each other well.

kingboy6571d ago

better be cheap or i`ll not buy..i`ve had enough from kiddy games lately.gamecube wasn`t me cup of tea ,i hope WII would motivate my attention this time around

greenlynxx6571d ago (Edited 6571d ago )

I think the Wii will come out of the gate strong but it's popularity will dwindle over time as the novelty of the new controller wears off. The reason I feel this way is that the controller, while a fantastic idea, is still far from what they are hyping it to be. If it does not accurately mimic movement from the real world then I see no true need for it. For example if I am playing a game that requires the use of a sword but the controller only responds to generic movement such as block up/down etc then the controller is no better than dual analog sticks which do the same thing. Now if the controller truly mimics my real movements in space then there becomes a significant difference between the current controller and the Wii. Meaning that that in order to really appreciate the game the Wii controller is required. For example the quality of my golf swing becomes very important and can only be represented by something like the Wii controller, only truly accurate to my movements. With dual analog sticks or a generic response (like the Wii currently) this is simply not the case. For these reasons I feel that the current Wii controller will not have lasting appeal except for games that are simple pick up and play ie party type games. The problem though with with a console that focuses on party games is that it will not sell lots of games.

OutLaw6571d ago

I hope the Wii does succeed. But I can see people getting tired of swinging their arms around. Plus a little while ago I got news that the two Zeldas are going to be exact on the Gamecube and the Wii. I don't think that's going to sit well with alot of people who are waiting for the game.

Guttersnype6570d ago

Yeah I'm hearing the only difference is Wii controller functionality. Still looking forward to it though.

Marriot VP6570d ago

yah well I won't buy this for more than 100 bucks in the distant future. I'm just not a kid anymore. You guys can't play Mario and friends all your life and think your satisfied.

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Anime Games Need A Break From Arena Fighters

With so many anime games these past couple of years, there's a growing, noticeable pattern in these games that are growing stale — the Arena Fighter.

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Huey_My_D_Long1d 20h ago

I think Arena Fighters are the worst fighting subgenre to go to. Why havent the west gotten Shonen Jump games in the style of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2? Or Anime fighter like DBZ Fighterz but not just dragon ball? Arena Fighters just arent very good fighter imo. Even the best Arena Fighter series Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm I feel is pretty mediocre as a fighting game

Nasty_Neeeks6h ago

The best Arena Fighter was Tenkaichi 3 and now it’s about to be Sparking Zero. Other Anime series just can’t pull it off as well as Dragonball can

Skuletor5h ago

Have you seen Hunter×Hunter Nen×Impact yet? It sounds exactly like what you're looking for.

-Foxtrot1d 19h ago

We need more AAA anime games that are single player story driven, like you are experiencing another arc or something within that show. It's either fighting games or games that feel shallow with not much going for them, the kind which are made for the sake of it because the fanbase will eat it up anyway.

I want to see a proper well made game by great studios of Cowboy Bebop, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Dirty Pair Flash etc

blackblades15h ago

One piece is that one of the anime thats not Pokemon and digimon that ive seen that has plenty of games outside of fighting.

Michiel198911h ago

dragon ball, naruto had some pretty good ones although a lot of them are still fighters and I think there are plenty of games from lesser known animes that aren't that, but I haven't really kept up with anime so maybe I'm completely wrong.

S2Killinit19h ago

I would like a pokemon smash style anime inspired games.

Flewid63817h ago

The entire fighting game genre needs a break from anime.

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A Sonic Unleashed Remaster Is Long Overdue

Still remembered as one of the best Sonic games of all time, I believe it's time Sonic Unleashed gets its overdue remaster after Sonic x Shadow Generations.

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-Foxtrot4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I think it's best we leave these games we're they belong...in the past

Secret Rings, Unleashed, Black Knight etc, they weren't the best at least enough for a remaster

Generations is getting one because they had something easy to shove Shadow into before the Sonic 3 film and it's probably the better ones they've did over the past decade or so.