Sales of boxed Vista copies down over XP

Sales of boxed copies of Windows Vista at retail stores significantly trailed those of Windows XP in each product's first week on shelves, according to new figures from NPD.

The market research firm's data showed the number of copies of Vista purchased was nearly 59 percent less than the number for its predecessor XP, looking at the first week of sales. Revenue was also down, but less dramatically, with the dollar value of first-week Vista sales off 32 percent from that seen with XP...

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The_Firestarter4893d ago

It because Vista has way to many damn holes in it! Microsoft released it way too soon, IMHO. They could've worked on the OS for at least 2 more months to patch it up and make A LOT more hardware compatible with it and updated drivers. It's so dumb, Microsoft should've done a better job. I most likely wont even get Vista until Crysis comes out. ^__^

hhuete4893d ago

WINDOWS VISTA is a butter face, u check out all angles and then ureally take a look at it and ur just like damn thats nasty everything is good butter face.
windows vista just looks nice, but xp is still in my opinion better
yeah vista is reworked and new, but xp has everything right now, alot of drivers and programs dont even work with vista
i work for comp/internet support most vista pcs are only because ppl have bought new pcs and they come preinstalled with vista LOL
wait till service pack 1 or a big update to buy this product

FeralPhoenix4893d ago

XP was a huge upgrade, Vista is just nice to have and looks pretty.