I felt more excitement for Forspoken than I do for Armored Core 6, and that really hurts

Despite being a big FromSoftware fan, Armored Core 6 is failing to get me invested, which is something even flops like Forspoken and Redfall managed to do.

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Snookies12295d ago

It looks incredible, how are you failing to get interested? Sounds like a personal issue of losing interest in the series, rather than an issue of this new installment.

ModsDoBetter294d ago

Agreed, it's okay to not be as excited for something. We all have different tastes and taste may change over time.

For one, I used to love SpiderMan games on PS2,3 and 4 but am not as excited for SpiderMan2. It happens, still got the console pre-ordered since my partner is hyped. It doesn't necessarily mean its a bad game, it's just probably not for me but only playing the game will answer that. The author should probably just rent the game or wait for a sale and see.

Abear21294d ago

Agreed, I’m a 4/10 on the excitement scale for Spidey 2. That said I’m a 0/10 for these two games. Then again, I’m currently hooked on a train simulator so who am I to judge.

Abriael295d ago

Tell me you know absolutely nothing about Armored Core without telling me you know absolutely nothing about Armored Core.

closed_account295d ago

Ah man, but he said he dug into his psyche on this! 😂

I'm excited, I think it looks great. I've enjoyed the games since the PS1 days, but I can appreciate the more Soulslike structure of this new one, given that FromSoftware created the originals. Nice for them to get back to their roots in a scifi setting, while
utilizing what they've learned in the last decade and a half w the Souls games.

More than Armored Core though, I'm really hoping for a new Front Mission from Square Enix, after they finish releasing the remakes. Really looking forward to this though!

TheEroica294d ago

All the previews I've read/seen said if you're expecting souls like gaming you're waaaay off on this one.

closed_account294d ago

@TheEroica i had only briefly skimmed through the trailer, that's my bad. Only actually saw one fight. I've played 3 of the old ones.

-Foxtrot295d ago

It looks great but being the 6th game when I’ve never really gotten in on the franchise before puts me off a little. Just seems like there’s probably been so much that has went on through 6 instalments to just suddenly jump in at this point.

Urrakia34294d ago

As far as I remember, Armored Core is similar to Final Fantasy in the sense that each game is pretty much it's own contained universe and narrative. I'm pretty sure knowledge of prior games is going to be irrelevant in AC6 and the series' strength lies in the action-packed gameplay anyways. I'm trying to put everybody on to this game because the series is amazing fun and typically has LOTS of (free) customization. I encourage you to give it a shot if possible. I genuinely think you'll enjoy it.

Si-Fly294d ago

It’s just a mech game dude 🤣

Notellin294d ago

Just say you don't like mech games.

-Foxtrot294d ago

Eh? What you talking about?

Way to be so fragile and see something that isn’t there

Amplitude294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

There are way more than 6 Armored Core games and most, if not all are in different universes with very little plot. The name being a number doesn't mean anything beyond the fact that... it's a numbered entry for whatever that's worth lol

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anast294d ago

This writer has horrible taste and they probably should have kept this to themselves.

Crows90294d ago

The author needs help. Poor guy.