Baldur's Gate 3 hired an actor just for sex noises: "I made sounds like 'mmgh' and 'ahh'"

"You mull that over as you run around, you little horny perverts, with your little perverted roleplays, you randy bastards"

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closed_account125d ago

Thank you for making the joke, so I didn't have to!

That scene from Super Troopers comes to mind. 😆

TGG_overlord125d ago

"What do you do for a living"?

- "mmgh'"and ahh" xD

EvertonFC125d ago Show
Sonic1881125d ago

After playing some of this last night. It will definitely be a GOTY contender

anast125d ago

That's good to hear. I can't wait.

FinalFantasyFanatic124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Edit: Commented on the wrong article, my bad.

Sonic1881125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Baldur's Gate III has passed Half a Million Concurrent Players on Steam

It has also passed the All-Time peaks of Fallout 4, Among Us, Call of Duty, and Valheim to become the #11 Highest Player Count for a game in the History of Steam


ravinash124d ago

It makes me happy to see this.
Hopefully it might open the eyes of some of these game devs as to what makes a good game.
Problem is, I bet their looking at the $ count rather than the player count so how much they can make from a game like this.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Is GameSpot's Game Of The Year 2023

GameSpot writes: Here's what makes Baldur's Gate 3 our choice for the best game of the year.

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Vithar13h ago

gonna see this a lot in the next few days, what a game, it;s mine as well!

RiseNShine4h ago

Nothing else gets even close imho.

shinoff21832d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Hands down. Star ocean 2 remake. Shame it didn't make it to any of their lists. One other thing imo sea of stars was better then chained echoes.