Persona 5 Tactica Reveals Violet, Crow, Story, Gameplay, & Much More With New Trailer & Video

Today Sega and Atlus released a new trailer and a new video of the upcoming Tactics JRPG Persona 5 Tactica, showing quite a lot of elements.

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Persona 5 Tactica Should Follow In The Footsteps of the Persona Dancing Games

The Persona 5 Dancing games started a tradition that Persona 5 Tactica could recreate in its own image should the developers so choose.

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Persona 5 Tactica PlayStation 5 Review | NoobFeed

NoobFeed Editor Jay Claassen writes - Persona 5 Tactica is a great spinoff from a brilliant long-standing series, the switch from RPG to Turn-Based Strategy is a nice touch and makes it a lot more approachable for others while maintaining the same story quality we all know and love. The best part is that you don’t have to play the other games to get into Persona 5 Tactica, so if you’re a fan of wild and whacky chaos, this is a must-play for you.

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Persona 5 Tactica Review - A Stale Revolution | RPGInformer

RPGInformer's editor Murillo Zerbinatto writes: Persona 5 is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Because of that, I was hesitant to play its spinoffs and potentially tarnish the image of the Phantom Thieves. Still, I played Persona 5 Tactica from start to finish. I understood that the proposal was different, as were its graphics, gameplay, and take on well-established mechanics. Overall, I had fun. However, it was a spontaneous experience that will likely fade into oblivion once I indulge in more enjoyable games.

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