HAWKED First Impressions

HAWKED is a free-to-play PvEvP extraction game from MY.GAMES that tasks your squad of 3 with solving puzzles, collecting clues, and breaking into treasure vaults to extract with artifacts that will enhance your abilities and your wallet size. Will the game manage to find its own audience?


My.Games Announces Steam Early Access Release Date For PvPvE Extraction Shooter Hawked

Celebrate by earning rewards in the ‘Renegade Rally’ campaign.


MY.GAMES Invites Players to Team-up in New PvPvE Extraction Shooter

Publisher and developer MY.GAMES announced today the first cross-play Open Beta of HAWKED following a successful PC Open Beta.

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The F2P PvPvE extraction shooter "HAWKED" has just kicked-off its open beta via Steam

"The Amsterdam-based (the Netherlands) indie games developer and publisher MY.GAMES, are today very happy and excited to announce that they have just kicked-off the open beta for their F2P PvPvE extraction shooter "HAWKED" (the said open beta is avaible right now for PC via Steam between August 3rd to August 17th)." - Jonas Ek, TGG.