Remnant 2 proves that Dark Souls and Elden Ring have no excuses for their clunky co-op

FromSoftware pioneered the soulslike genre, but its multiplayer components always fell short. Remnant 2 rectifies this issue and understands why co-op is vital.

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mandf327d ago

It's not clunky it's intentional. I have no problem playing with friends on elden ring

PunksOnN4G327d ago

So its Clunky LOL... bro stop intentional u elden fans will do anything to cope LOL

mandf326d ago

Fan or not it works just fine. It's not spoon fed for an easy game. It's mechanics are original not copy and paste

MrNinosan327d ago

It's absolutely clunky and intentionally stupid.
I absolutely hate playing Elden Ring co-op, but really want to do it. But the way it's done is lame and plain silly.

I really hope a real co-op patch will come along the years.

Zombieburger638326d ago

Me and my buddies used the coop mod and while it’s fun it definitely breaks the game a bit. It’s much better with the vanilla system.

Goosejuice326d ago

Does it work? Yes. Does it suck? Yep. There's a reason why one of the top mods on pc changes the whole coop mechanic and let's ur friends stay in the game. It's an annoying feature that works but why?

Zeref326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

It's definitely clunky. I understand some of it was intentional, like limiting co-op (for extra challenge I guess??) by having it done through the flower thing but it's dumb and annoying. If I want to play with my friends that's what I want to do. Not having the flower thing pretty much killed the whole session until we were later in the game where you could easily grind them which is still annoying af. Let's not even talk about when the host dies. The whole thing needs to be reset. Some areas you can't even access without resetting.

Elden Ring is my game of the generation so far. But there's no doubt that the co-op sucks.

The co-op mod made it infinitely better. But by the time we discovered that we were already over Elden Ring.

Kaze88326d ago

for extra challenge, no playing solo is the vanilla style to play the game. Coop is just to make life easier. For extra challenge you take rings that for example reduce your health or play without gear or play with heaviest gear that you cannot roll.

Daeloki326d ago

It's clunky no matter how you look at it. Constant connection problems, no way of simply joining your friend or inviting them to a game aside from setting up a password on the summoning system. In ER sometimes the summon mark shows up, sometimes not, sometimes it shows up but nothing happens when you use it. Don't get me wrong, I love ER, it's a great game, but they're using a vastly outdated co-op system.

Kaze88326d ago

It's intentional. If you can have your friends anywhere at all times it makes the game easy. Only on certain portions of the game or bosses you can have your buddy there. Annoying at times yes since you need to always summon your friend back after death etc. but it is intentional. The game and balance was not for you to have your buddy always there. In Remnant you don't fail if the host dies and you can revive, in souls there is no revive. The connection problems, not seeing friends sign even with password, those are not by design. For pc there is a coop mod, it makes it way easier to join friends, but also makes the game way easier.

Kaze88326d ago

Coop game vs single player that has coop/pvp elements.

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anast326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

For MP those games are built around PVP. The "co-op" feature is just tacked on, they aren't MP PVE games really.

jznrpg326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

I like the co/op for Souls games. What’s the issue ? I talk to my friends we plop our signs down on a designated area and that’s it. It’s easy . I solo souls games first then do co/op but I have no issue with their design choice. Hate these articles

GameBoyColor326d ago

I think the problem is you have to keep doing that per area, multiplied by how many friends youre playing with. It get's annoying fast.

Daeloki326d ago

The problem is how unreliable and outdated the sign system is, sometimes it works, a lot of the time it doesn't, and when it works there's still a high chance of getting disconnected for no apparent reason. The article points out that there is a better way of doing it.

CrimsonWing69326d ago

I dunno, the way co-op works for the Souls and Elden Ring games are so fitting. It’s as convoluted and obtuse as everything else in those worlds. I actually admire the setup and once you understand the whole setting up a co-op password and dropping a sign there’s really nothing to it.

Ataraxias326d ago

Co-op is vital in Remnant cause the game is lame solo. Gear that is locked behind puzzles that have to be done in multiplayer is a system that is going to age poorly.