Darkest Dungeon II Review – Highway to Hell | TheSixthAxis

TSA reviews Darkest Dungeon II.

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8 Games We Hope Will Get Discounts on Steam

Miljan writes: "With the Steam Summer Sale just around the corner, gamers are wondering which games will go on sale. Across all the different genres, there will traditionally be something for everyone. We all have our wishlists ready and waiting to start shopping."

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Atomic Heart and Elden Ring


Review: Darkest Dungeon 2 challenges you to keep your sanity in check - Entertainium

There’s nothing out there quite like Darkest Dungeon 2, one of the moodiest game experiences you’re ever bound to have.

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Darkest Dungeon II (PC) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "In a way, Darkest Dungeon II reminds me of Salt and Sacrifice; both sequels to cult classic titles that tried to innovate by mashing up with entirely different genres, both significantly worse off as a result. If you're looking for a roguelike and don’t mind one of the highest barriers to entry that I’ve seen in any single player game, then you may find quite a bit of enjoyment out of Darkest Dungeon II. For anyone else, this is a tough sell."

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Servbot41181d ago

The combat is mostly good. But whoever decided "yeah, Darkest Dungeon needs to add dating sim mechanics and long, uneventful linear driving stages!" needs to just be let go.

jznrpg181d ago

Loved the first game it was a difficult. I played it a lot on Vita. What they did here is a buy puzzling