Remnant 2’s most secretive class is staring you right in the face

Remnant 2's secret classes can be hard to find but one of them is meant to be discovered by scraping the game's files, according to developer Gunfire Games.

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henbayward329d ago

“To unlock the Archon in Remnant 2, one must penetrate the code itself. We knew we couldn’t stop datamining, so we leaned into it,” says principal designer Ben Cureton.

That's pretty dang cool!


How To Unlock The Stylistic Disciple Armor Set In Remnant 2

Obaid from eXputer: "Learn about the location and stats of the Disciple armor set, the newest heavy armor introduced in the second DLC of Remnant 2."


How to Unlock Polygun in Remnant 2

As we mentioned in our review of Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom, there isn’t much to the latest DLC. Outside of the initial mystery behind unlocking the Invoker archetype, players discovered everything else with relative ease besides a weapon called Polygun. - IS

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Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom Reignited My Love for This World

Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom only came to enrich the storyline of the base game, the Pan civilization, and Yaesha.

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jznrpg58d ago

I like the game a lot. I would like the outside world to be a little more detailed open and varied but overall it’s a really good game and I understand they are limited by their budget and team size. For a lower priced game it’s worth more than they charge