Final Fantasy XIV Announced for Xbox Series X|S; Square Enix Plans to Bring More Games to Xbox

Today Square Enix and Microsoft announced that Final Fantasy XIV is finally coming to Xbox with cross-play support with existing platforms.

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sparky77350d ago

Good guy Phil strikes again.

I bet we will be seeing FF7R, Rebirth and FF16 announced soon too.

Vengeance1138350d ago

lol keep dreaming. It makes sense for FF14 as it's online and needs players to run but single player games? Nope.

sparky77349d ago

This is coming from SE's new CEO who clearly is done with keeping games exclusive. You can laugh now, but those games and future FF games are a matter of when they come to Xbox not if they ever do.

blackblades349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

They were never exclusive, FF7R was a time exclusive so is FF16. So i wont be surprised if they did get FF7R sooner or later and FF16 maybe in 3 years or so.

Also @Sparky shut up with Good guy Phil strikes again nonesense.

Elda349d ago

Those games have been on PS forever now & most PS owners have played those games already, nothing wrong with XB finally getting those old games.

wesnytsfs349d ago

@Elda, agreed, I hope Microoft releases Starfield and Elder Scroll a few years after release when xbox owners have already played it so PS fans can enjoy them too.

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KwietStorm_BLM349d ago

What would make you think Rebirth would be announced soon on Xbox when it's not even out on PS5? Or 16 for that matter when it's all of a month old.

sparky77349d ago

FF7R I expect soon, the others will likely come after Sony's deals have expired.

Christopher349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

***This is coming from SE's new CEO who clearly is done with keeping games exclusive.***

Which is it? Good guy Phil or Good guy new SE CEO?

Personally, this is why third-parties need to stay third-party. In the end, players win and decisions are aimed at mass market and not supporting their own hardware and platforms.

sparky77349d ago

It's both obviously, Phil for starting the conversation and the new CEO for not being Sony's lap dog anymore.

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tay8701349d ago

So it's OK for MS to buy up bethesda and abk, but somehow it's not right sony has exclusive 3rd party games? Yah that makes alot of sense

derek349d ago

Blah blah blah the new ceo blah blah blah. Only recently did square stop putting ff on Xbox because it's a console nobody wants who's player base doesn't buy games. They give the xbox community a 10 year old game and suddenly ff is great again for xbox fans, lol. I suspect all the trashing online of ff16 with suddenly die down.

wiz7191349d ago

@Tay I don’t think ppl have any issues with Sony buying studios or times exclusives .. the problem comes when Sony fans pretend that they don’t and they build up all their studios or games. At lease that the problem with me , honestly some deals needs to happen to help fund some of these games and studios that couldn’t afford it otherwise.

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Flakegriffin349d ago

Probably after 13 years like FF XIV.

ironmonkey349d ago

Those dreams have been lasting quite a while huh?

shinoff2183349d ago

Relax sparky I think your getting ahead of yourself. My guess is ms went over there with a big ass apology for whatever they did to piss off square

Here's an idea xbox guys , buy the fking games now if they come

Gamerscore2077349d ago

It’s business, so it definitely was a check cut.

I’m interested to see whenever (if ever) titles like FF 16 will run on the Series S?

wiz7191349d ago

@Shinoff why is it the ppl assume that Xbox gamers weren’t buying their games in the first place ?? Maybe they didn’t apologize for anything .. No company is going to do a thing if money isn’t involved , so Sony making it lucrative to keep current FF games exclusive is most likely the situation. The situation is the fact Xbox has to sell more consoles to make it lucrative for square to make the effort to develop on Xbox , also given the extra work for Series S development.

neutralgamer1992349d ago

More good games for gamers


Abracadabra349d ago

Square received money from Sony... now they receive money from Microsoft.

gold_drake349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

they're exclusive.

so no. probably not

Remake maybe.

but lets be real for a sec, Phil probably pumped them with money. that doesnt mean that the games do well. the fanbase is on ps and nintendo. just what it is.

Gamerscore2077349d ago

There definitely was some money involved, it’s a business after all. We have to see how the Xbox fans are going to respond to this title.

At the end of day it’s going to come down to how much units they’re selling on Xbox platforms.

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Sonic1881349d ago

I agree unless Sony buys square Enix in the future

Gamerscore2077349d ago

I know you’re excited, but don’t jump gun here. Rebirth & FF16 will come on PC way before it comes onto the Series X|S. Also, MS forcing devs to make titles for the Series S is going to be incredibly difficult for SE, so taxing games like FF 16 may not come at all.

I think we may see FF7R (maybe), but you have to keep in mind that FF 14 is decade old online MMO. So SE, bringing this over to Xbox makes since. We may also see the original FF games come over, but who knows.

This is test for the Xbox community, SE is going to see how well the community responds to FF 14. Keep in mind that there’s a monthly subscription, on top of the asking price for this game. So it’s high possibility that may turn a lot off ppl away from the Xbox side, especially the ones that are obsessed with Gamepass.

Muigi349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

Lol PS5 has doubled the sales of Xbox this gen…again. Y’all need all the games you can get.

1Victor349d ago

@sparky:”I bet we will be seeing FF7R, Rebirth and FF16 announced soon too.”
Seriously when did you started gaming?
Square don’t care about any console they’ll jump ship faster than a rat on a sinking ship if a console is favorable to their game like they did to Nintendo for FF7 when they jumped to PS for the disk storage or for money during the 360 era and now this 🤷🏿 but yeah “ good guy Phil” get the credit for everything good and the pass for anything bad.

zekk349d ago

I'm not sure they'll be able to optimize it for the series s. And if they could who know if the cost benefit would be worth it