Current Gen Domination Continues

Look around. You'd almost think companies were never going to release a PS2 game ever again. We're constantly being bombarded with images of the latest and greatest upcoming titles for the PS3, 360 and the Wii.

One thing that's easy to forget in all the next-gen hype, though, is that there are over 100 million PS2s out there in the world. With those kinds of numbers, publishers would be crazy to quit cold turkey. As a matter of fact, there are still lots of PS2 titles coming - they're just not getting the sort of press they used to.

Solution? Gamedaily compiled a list of some of 2007's most promising current and upcoming PS2 releases.

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XboxDavey5702d ago

If you want game selecton you get a ps2, if you want power you get a ps3.. If you're confused you have bought both xbox's.. hang on to halo tight

Grown Folks Talk5702d ago

thousands to choose from, but only 5 you would actually get. and of course EVERY person that owns an xbox or a 360 ONLY cares about halo.

THAMMER15702d ago

A lil S#!T and a whole lot of syrup. If your a fan boy.

power of Green 5702d ago

This console is on the low end of the market but when PS2's a dime a dozon and the games are dirt cheap it's no wonder it sells. I can see it being so far down! on the lower end of the market parents leave the PS2 in their kids rooms only for it to get broken, they got so many games for it they can go out and replace the PS2 with ease. PS2 Dail up AOL. SafeWay Select cheap ass 25 cent soda killed the competition in my area for the longest time. It's also clear people/kids like the Anime fantasy style games for their Fictional fantasy worlds or the cartoony appeal. [Drop of sweat the size of an Orange running down the side of forhead].

THAMMER15702d ago (Edited 5702d ago )

.............................. ............................... ............................... ............................... ..................*FART

SIKE just kidding. But the PS2 dose have a large games selection. It is also the same price as the GAMBOY DS. So it is in the major sweet spot for alot of people. That is the main reason why so many people are buying them today. I have look into buying one again for my doughter. But every time I take her to the store to get one she asks for some thing else. I want her to make up her mind so I can dicide on buying god of War 2. That game is going to be sweet. I know a least one of my friends will buy it but I would not mind playing it for myself at home. But we will see. Good old school fun.

Drew5702d ago

You mean, LAST-GEN, right?

I'm tired of people calling the PS3, '360, and Wii "next-gen". They're the current-gen consoles now, guys.

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