Full intel on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone Season 05, out August 2

Four new launch maps, Fort Resurgence, Call of Duty celebrates 50 Years of hip hop, and more.

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MW2 fans are losing everything and getting knocked back to rank 1 ahead of MW3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 gamers are finding that they're losing everything, including their bundles and rank.

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Mr_cheese26d ago

Title should be players not fans. You can be a fan and not own the game so it doesn't affect you

Eonjay26d ago

This is correct. The use the term fans because its more divisive. Other times they use the term to be dismissive of real issues because they can always be attributed to the whines of a 'fanbase'. You may not realize this but every title, is designed to be be a clickbait as possible. The titles do not represent anything resembling objective truth and are often designed to hide the real story in place of a exaggerated placeholder.

Videogamer is not unique here but it is especially disheartening when you realize that they DO NOT CARE about videogame news at all. They ONLY care about cramming as much ads up you ass as possible. MY adblocker is shows that the site will carpet bomb your browser with THOUSANDS of ads/ad trackers per session.

They are an ad portal not a gaming site. The titles reflect that.

Mr_cheese26d ago

Oh I recognise all well.

Videogamer are terrible for it, but as you said, they aren't the first nor will they be the last.

SoloGamer126d ago

man im so SICK of COD EVERY year.. and now its hard to tell them apart.. i saw MW3 multiplayer footage and i SWORE it was MW2.. and the campaign has become a convoluted mess of slow, plodding missions and exposition. ..no thanks.

RAFTECH2626d ago

There are millions like you.

Yet COD still sells.

Keep coping

shinoff218326d ago

Tw wad. How's that coping. Just another way jo took a word and completly fked it up

25d ago
ForwardDude26d ago

MW3 multiplayer is a copy/paste of MW2 multiplayer. The minimal amount of new maps and guns ( if any ) and a shiny new 70$ price sticker. Casual don't care and Office 365 users already paid the 69 billion for Activision, so Microsoft don't care either.

anast25d ago

If you play in the sewer, you are bound to get pooped on.


No, we don’t need weapon tuning in MW3

Isa writes: "The feature was not well received in Modern Warfare 2 and we most certainly don't want weapon tuning in MW3."

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MW2 fans rip into "just ugly" operator skin rewards for The Haunting

The MW2 has turned their ire to the skins on offer as part of the currently ongoing The Haunting event.

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