Xbox's biggest crisis right now isn't games. It's hardware.

The PlayStation 5 is on track to outsell Xbox 2:1, again.

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isarai126d ago

You sell hardware by having good games dingus

GhostScholar126d ago ShowReplies(11)
glennhkboy126d ago

@crazyCoconuts: because that particular competing console doesn't want to do so.

fr0sty125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Not according to Phil Spencer's own words as he was admitting they'd come in last place in the console war for the 4th time in a row.

“We’re not in the business of out-consoling Sony or out-consoling Nintendo. There isn’t really a great solution or win for us. I know that will upset a ton of people, but it’s just the truth of the matter. When you’re third place in the console marketplace and the top two players are as strong as they are and, in certain cases, have very discrete focus on doing deals and other things make being on Xbox hard as a team - that’s on us, not on anybody else - our vision is that everybody that’s on console has to feel like they have a great experience and they’re a first class citizen. They’ve invested a ton in our platform. But we’re not in a position - and I see out there, I see commentary, that if you just build great games everything would turn around. It’s just not true that if we go off and build great games, all of the sudden you’re going to see console shares shift in some dramatic way. We lost the worst generation to lose in the Xbox One generation when everybody built their digital library of games."

In other words, "Don't expect this to change, we've accepted our fate as being in last place, and we're not going to try to make it better by making good games."

Lightning77126d ago

Ummm you need games. Good games sell the hardware.

blackblades126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Honestly sometimes the games doesnt always sell the console, it can help and have a impact but isn't solely on the games. How the company present themselves is also a thing, like look what happen in the previous gens and this gen they haven't advertise much get deals to advertise etc. Also a casual go into a store looks at a series x and ps5 with no games involved. I doubt they'll choose the series x plane looking box over the ps5. It doesnt matter how ugly it is to some its still looks more unique and interesting

VenomUK126d ago

Why didn’t Halo Infinite have its long promised split-screen mode? Even legalised Xbot Jez Cordon has come round to understanding that Microsoft’s requirement for Series S parity has had a material impact on the whole platform. If the Baldur’s Gate problem happens with more Series S games then MS is in a quandary because it can remove the demand from publishers that Series S games have to launch day and date with Series X -who knows if this will be necessary with GTA VI? The risk is that such a move will alienate Series S owners and their console will effectively be labelled ‘not next-gen’.

Crows90126d ago

A sequence of good games sells consoles because after a couple of good games you've created a standard and expectation. That is what drives sales. People know that what you are going to make is good. The problem with Xbox is they have no actual quality standard. They don't know what good games are and they don't care whether they're good games because as long as they go on Game pass they fulfill the content requirement

FallenAngel1984126d ago

“The PlayStation 5 is on track to outsell Xbox 2:1, again.”

Don’t you mean PlayStation is on track to outsell Xbox 2:1 again? As in the brand as a whole and not just this console?

Specifically labeling PS5 doing it again implies that at some point it accomplished that task, then Xbox Series X|S started selling at a faster pace until PS5 started pulling ahead again

GhostScholar126d ago

I agree. Not being able to have things run at 60 consistently has really let me down. I still love playing on Xbox but it’s time that 60 is standard.

crazyCoconuts126d ago

So you think PlayStation 5 is outselling X 2:1 because... Some games don't run at 60fps?

GhostScholar126d ago

No that’s not what I said. I said games to play isn’t my issue. My issue is games that will run at 60 on ps5 don’t run at 60 on series x at times. My point was that the frame rate issue is the aspect of Xbox that I don’t like, not the supposed lack of games. Yea Sony has better exclusives for sure, but I have a ps5 so I can play those exclusives anytime I want. My series x is my main console though and so for me the frame rate is way bigger of an issue than games. I’ve played hundreds of games on my Xbox in 2023. That’s plenty of games in my opinion. I’m not involved in the fan boy stuff. I own all 3 consoles and I like and dislike things about all three. Your comment shows that you don’t have the ability to hear anything that conflicts with what you think.

Crows90126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

He's a little weird leave him alone or he might call you an idiot. Lol

P_Bomb125d ago

I would LOVE for 60 to be the standard.