Nicki Minaj is coming to Call of Duty

Nicki Minaj is coming to Call of Duty

Christopher125d ago

Finally. Activision finally listened to me and I will get into CoD as long as Nicki's semblance is in the game.

bunt-custardly123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

You old perv/misogynist/misfit/dysfunc tional male/neckbeard/ etc...(yawn!). I ain't giving COD a cent until Activision gets Cardi added to the B team or I can play gangsta b1tch as GloRilla. These are the positive role models that woman have been crying out for in gaming, cos there are more female gamers than men now didn't you know.


Shane Kim123d ago

I wont play until Bhad Bhaybe (or whatever her name is) is in the game

bunt-custardly123d ago

Did I really have to put a /s in this post? Obviously went over heads.

LordoftheCritics123d ago

I can't wait to shoot her in the ass.

Ashunderfire86123d ago

She will dance 💃 before you do that. You will get an achievement if you wait🙃

maniacmayhem123d ago

Funny, I always took you as a Meghan the Stallion fan.

gold_drake125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

yea cause thats what the fans have been waiting for /s

MIDGETonSTILTS17123d ago

Does her avatar get an unfair free UAV ping, too?

Futureshark123d ago

Surely you wouldn't want to play as Nicki Minaj? I mean her ass would make a huge target!

sadraiden123d ago

Huge butt hitbox, but Nicki is a midget in real life, so it'll balance itself out with shorter character model with lower ms.

DarXyde123d ago

Like hitting the broad side of an Oddjob-sized barn.

123d ago
SyntheticForm123d ago

That's Activision answering my prayer for Call of Duty to abandon its rappiness and get more metal.

Muigi123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

@SyntheticForm still more listened to than anything metal lol. So when it comes to sales of course the more popular genre is going to win everytime regardless of your opinions sorry.