The Crew Motorfest beta proves it can go toe-to-toe with Forza Horizon | VideoGamer

Odhran writes: "With The Crew Motorfest closed beta now concluded lets take a look at where this new Ubisoft entry shines and what lets it down."

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Computersaysno127d ago

I played the beta and it came across as a poor man's Forza Horizon unfortunately. It has copied FH nearly play for play. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It's a very beautiful game with great lighting, immaculate car models and nice detail.

However it comes up short in most key areas that really matter, particularly the handling model. The handling in the end made the game feel more like an Outrun than a modern racer. You do not feel real weight transfer. Cornering hard tends to have the car stick like a limpet until a certain speed is reached, causing it to suddenly break into something akin to an exaggerated drift mode. There does not feel like anything subtle or in between.

One frustrating aspect was that despite the game encouraging open world play, the way cars traverse off road environments still feels awkward with strange physics.

The map design does not lend itself to exploring in the same way Horizon has perfected the past few iterations. You're more likely to smash into small terrain and halt unconvincingly or have your car crash strangely off a cliff than flow over sections that are clearly carefully curated to not do this in the Horizon games.

It is slightly more arcade orientated than FH with the nitro feature in all the vehicles that does create some strategy when to deploy, this was quite fun.

Becuzisaid127d ago

Is the Crew actually going for Forza though? It's never been sim or sim-lite or anything. It was always loose and arcadey like you're describing.

crazyCoconuts127d ago

Forza Horizon isn't anything like a sim either

RaiderNation126d ago

I've always found Forza Horizon's handling to be too "floaty". This may actually be better suited for me mechanically.

purple101126d ago

I may be a known ps fan.. but let me say I played Forza 3,4,5 and played demos of Forza horizon and I can say the handling is horrible. No feeling. Its like lane changing on the modern need for speeds.

Yes there is timing, but feeling, none to speak of.

The rumble in the Xbox controllers is also subpar.

Altogether the graphics on the tracks are very impressive but that's about it

I played crew 2 demo and found handling better than both versions of Forza and need for speed, while still having good graphics.

GhostScholar126d ago

Agreed. It’s not even close to being as good as horizon.

AmUnRa127d ago

The CGI trailer looks good but...the gameplaypart is only a handfull of seconds.
I wait till i have seen more gameplay....

Elit3Nick126d ago

There's tons of gameplay from the closed beta

AmUnRa126d ago

Not in this trailer......

crazyCoconuts127d ago

If it could ditch the horrible character models and dialog in Forza Horizon it could be even better. Got tired of hearing over acted lines about the amazing chorizo soup grandma used to make

boing1126d ago

Loved it. Super cheesy story/ dialogs but a definitely an improvement over TC2. I just hope the map will be bigger in the full version.


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Ubisoft Delays Unannounced "Large Game" & Boasts Record Sales for The Crew Motorfest

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Amplitude34d ago

Ah man I was really stoked for Unannounced Large Ubisoft Game.

Redgrave34d ago


The dryness of this is so good. I'll probably remember this comment in the morning and chuckle some more.


The Crew Motorfest - PS5/Series X/S Tech Review- A Great Series Return - But Only 30FPS on Series S

Digital Foundry: "As the series' third outing The Crew Motorfest hands in a solid 60fps experience on PS5 and Series X consoles. The open world design is in the same mould as Forza Horizon, and translates well to each. However the result on the 4TF Series S console isn't up to the same standard, where all gameplay is fixed at 30fps - with issues in frame pacing and tearing to boot."

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Father__Merrin46d ago

75% of xbox owners won't be able to play in 60fps

ocelot0746d ago

Also happy with the lower resolution. That's more strange to me as when the Xbox one X was released apparently 4k was a absolute must. Anything less than 4k or fake 4k was no good.

darthv7246d ago

If it bothers them so much... they can get an X.

Im betting it wont though.

46d ago
purple10146d ago

or play at 30fps for that matter, did you watch it>>?

it doesn't hold 30fps at all. shocking performance

thesoftware73046d ago


You keep saying this...it affects no one on here, this is a hardcore gaming site, and anyone who bought a SS on here knows what they were buying.

Go find the casual, or the people who could care less about fan wars, and all that mumbo jumbo that own a SS and make fun of them if that make you feel better.

While your at it, go make fun of the 125 million Switch owners who can't play some games at 60fps or at all, you seem to get excited about stuff like that and take it as some type of win lol.

Outside_ofthe_Box45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Where were you when people were making fun of the PS5 for being 2TF less than the PS5?

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abstractel46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

At least MS lets titles run at 30fps on Series S and doesn't require parity with Series X in that regard. It's good for future titles. It helps a bit, even if I don't think The Crew MF is all that great looking on any system. It's not bad, but Horizon looks better.

gold_drake45d ago

jesus, most of xbox players will have to be playing this with 30 fps.