NVIDIA RTX 4090 cannot run Remnant 2 with 60fps at Native 4K/Ultra

Things are not looking well as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 is unable to run Remnant 2 with 60fps at native 4K/Ultra Settings.

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Vits327d ago

40 fps average no RT at 4k native on what is by far the most powerful gaming hardware available. Either the game is the best-looking thing ever or there is something really wrong with it.

wesnytsfs327d ago

Im guessing poorly optimized.

Vits326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Yeap, DF review just came out. This game gets as low as 720p on the PS5.

So performance is shit on both PC and consoles. Really an amazing feat of game development.

Eonjay326d ago

No it's not lol. Guys DLSS exists gor a reason.

fr0sty326d ago

Just looked up video of it, definitely poor optimization, as this game is not very impressive looking at all.

mrbearbear326d ago

@Eonjay dlss is a piss poor excuse. For a $1500 GPU that made leaps over a 3090 and 3090 ti, there is absolutely no reason why the game isn't running 4k 60fps. This isn't some groundbreaking game, it's bad optimization.

DankSinatra326d ago

Yea this isn't the fault of the graphics card. It's the fault of the developer. This game is horribly optimized.

Espangerish326d ago

if it performs like this on a 4090 what kind of horror show will this be on average cards...

Vithar326d ago

isnt this one of the first UE5 games too, probably not familiar with the engine or sometihng

Ashunderfire86326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Yea and that is a bad first impression too yikes! They have to make some patches.

Neonridr326d ago

and yet some people think that a PS5 Pro would run games at 4K/60 or potentially 8K..


4Sh0w326d ago

Well 4K/60 yes but 8K, nah not anything graphically demanding or a huge world.

Espangerish326d ago

Native 4k 60 at medium to high settings without raytracing probably yes…4k 60 at ultra settings or with raytracing then definitely no. It will be upscaling.

Christopher326d ago

I mean, games run it at that now. The issue isn't capability, but whether or not developers (read: publishers with marketing goals) will give up enough to make it run at that (disable RT, lower particle effects, reduce shadows, etc.).

Neonridr325d ago

that's fair, this game is probably poorly optimized too.

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jznrpg49d ago

I like the game a lot. I would like the outside world to be a little more detailed open and varied but overall it’s a really good game and I understand they are limited by their budget and team size. For a lower priced game it’s worth more than they charge