The Best Naafiri Counters in 13.14

ESTNN writes: "Defeat the beast of a thousand mouths with this handy guide on all of the best champ counter picks to counter Naafiri. Here are the best Naafiri counters in Patch 13.14"


Worlds 2023 Raises $350,000 for Charity

ESTNN writes: "The campaign led by Riot Games and Amazon Web Services pledged almost half a million dollars to Water.org for every Ocean Drake secured in Worlds 2023."


League of Legends 2024 New Items Analysis

ESTNN writes: "Looking at how the future item changes will dictate next year's meta in our League of Legends 2024 New Items Guide"


Reworking the Riot ID Transition Plan

Riot writes: "Summoner Names are going away on November 20, but we've made some big updates to the plan: removing the cost for Riot ID changes and unlocking a free change every 90 days."

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