Preview of Alone in the Dark

A preview from computerandvideogames, with some details about how the game is shaping up.

From the preview : "What we've seen of Alone In The Dark suggests that it has learned well from its competitors - the emphasis on keeping a cool head under pressure as seen in Resident Evil 4, the sense of alienation of Konami's Silent Hill, the unsettling visual effects as seen in Fatal Frame - all wrapped up with the freedom to roam the park as you wish. And, because of that, you've got yourself the recipe for the first of the next breed of survival action games. But, despite having more fresh ideas than you could wave a lampshade at, it's still the sense of the familiar that lingers longest in the player's mind."

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Violater4890d ago

Looks interesting, I like the fact that they don't really show u what your up against. and that its not made out to be a survival horror.

Rasputin20114890d ago

Alone in the Dark is the game that started the survival horror genre. so in M.H.O. this game will obvisously be a survival horror game.

sa739174890d ago

Is it just me or does this look almost word for word like the interview 1UP published about a week ago?