Not even the Remnant 2 devs have “seen 100%” of the game’s giant world

The possibilities are seemingly endless in Remnant 2's procedurally generated worlds. It's so big that developer Gunfire Games hasn't even seen all of the game.

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shinoff2183328d ago

Can this be played single player? I don't mean like sh single player like evil dead , and all those types of games.

Xristo328d ago

Definitely! I've logged in around 15 hours (PC) single-player so far as a Gunslinger archetype. Like any souls-like game, you will die a few times to bosses while learning their patterns, but every time I died I felt it was my fault. Also, you can grind out to improve your weapons or change the difficulty if you choose (which unfortunately resets your campaign but keeps character progress).

Goosejuice328d ago

Can be played single or up to 3 players. Fantastic game. 9/10 for me. Highly recommend this game to anyone who likes souls like games.

jznrpg327d ago

I played the first game entirely solo


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jznrpg50d ago

I like the game a lot. I would like the outside world to be a little more detailed open and varied but overall it’s a really good game and I understand they are limited by their budget and team size. For a lower priced game it’s worth more than they charge