Comical FPS High on Life Really Is Coming to PS5, PS4

High on Life is coming to PS5 and PS4. Trophy lists reveal all.

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darthv72313d ago

Pretty fun & funny game. DS5 enhancements will make stabbing bad guys feel so good.

Profchaos312d ago

Tried to get into it but couldn't play more than an hour before the humor got old.

Christopher312d ago

Exactly. Can't begrudge people for enjoying what they enjoy, but much like R&M, it got old fast and felt very repetitive in concept and setup.

CobraKai312d ago

Same. My son liked it, it had its moments, but i spent more time watching clips of Tammy and the Trex than play the game.

Markdn312d ago

I didn't find anything funny about it and was a bore fest.

Amplitude312d ago

Profchaos: Id quote the high enough IQ meme here but I think it's too old at this point

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JEECE312d ago

So the publisher wasn't confident this game could sell a la carte when it launched half a year ago (steam charts show they were right to think this), but they think I'm going to want to pay retail price to play the game later? No thanks. Plus I mean, Rick and Morty humor is basically Marvel humor that people think is more sophisticated because they curse more, so no need for that.

ocelot07312d ago

Played on my steam deck via gamepass xcloud. Didn't finish it so I may get this when it's cheap.

Amplitude312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Steamcharts are pretty extremely meaningless for games that are on GamePass tbh.
That's like looking at physical disc sales for the Series consoles. As much as i buy all my games on Steam and buy all my PS5 games physical, i'm well aware the VAST majority of people that played High On Life would have played on Gamepass

JEECE311d ago

For a game that only launches on PC and Xbox and is on Gamepass at launch, steam charts are the only method we have of seeing who was interested enough in the game to pay for it. Steam users are the only group who has to buy the game to play it, so those are the only meaningful numbers we have.

Amplitude311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

yeah my point is, if there's 10 people that bought the game on Steam there could still be 7 million that played it on Gamepass. Without the Gamepass numbers, there's no meaningful numbers to look at. It's a meaningless number whether its 1,000 people, 10,000 people, or 100,000 people - literally does not matter.

I'd assume anybody that wanted to play this and doesn't have Gamepass would just subscribe for a month, play it and cancel for 1/4 the price.

JEECE311d ago

The Gamepass numbers are meaningless for determining who was interested enough in the game to pay retail price. I don't care how many people played a game on Gamepass , because all that tells me is that people who already had a subscription were interested enough to start the game one time. Regardless of how high or low that number is, it tells me nothing about how many people were willing to pay retail price for the game.

Of the places this game launched, Steam is the only place where everyone who played the game on that platform actually bought it (ignoring smaller stores like EGS). So if I want to know who was interested enough in the game to pay for it, Steam users are the only relevant group.

jznrpg312d ago

I might check it out in the bargain bin.

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