High on Life PlayStation Port Spotted Online

A PS4 game update tracker, Orbis Patches, shows a listing for High on Life on PlayStation, indicating that the game may be ported soon.

shadowT310d ago

sounds like Xbox exclusive contract is expired

Sonic1881308d ago

Probably didn't sell well either

Crows90308d ago

Im guessing less than 100k

Alas I hope MS paid them enough to kill their game.

Christopher307d ago

I mean, it was on GamePass at a time when there weren't any heavy hitters for the service. I'm assuming MS paid well for that filler. It was also on PC, and it sold well enough to be on the top list for 1 week. So, maybe not great numbers, but likely enough to cover the cost of the game at the least, if not actually being profitable. The game isn't a huge cost on to begin with, so it seems unlikely they aren't in more profit territory here, not making up costs territory.

darthv72310d ago

The game is fun/funny... to have them use the DS5 speaker for dialog would be cool. And of course better haptic feedback when you stab/shoot

thesoftware730308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

If you were shitting on this game because it was Xbox exclusive, do yourself a favor and play it on PS if you find R&M funny.

It's nice gameplay, great humour, and well done world building.

shinoff2183308d ago

I like Rick and Morty in doses , I couldn't watch a marathon of it. I still it alot more then like family guy and American dad if they still play that sh on tv

thesoftware730308d ago

Well that works well, as you can play the game in doses.

CBaoth308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

what should I do if I shit on the game not because it was an Xbox exclusive but because of the ADD nature of its script? Gameplay was mediocre, certainly not good enough to carry the game if you hate Rick and Morty. My opinion won't change now that's on PS5. Garbage then garbage now

thesoftware730307d ago

Lol, so I guess I wasn't talking to you.

Abnor_Mal308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Hard pass

Maybe when it comes to PlusExtra since my money would go to it anyways

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High On Life PS5 and Xbox Series limited print physical editions announced

Squanch Games will open pre-orders for physical standard and Collector’s editions of High On Life for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on February 27 via Limited Run Games and IGN Store, the developer announced. Pre-orders will close on March 31.

ravens5292d ago

I guess it's better than no physical at all. I was using LR when they first started. I have Oddworld New and Tasty, Octodad, Shadow Complex etc. I fell off at some point and just felt I couldn't continue so I stopped. I just would much rather be able to purchase these games off Amazon.

LoveSpuds92d ago

I used to give into fomo a lot in the early days but I am much more choosy these days. I did play this on Gamepass back in the day and had a good time with it, so I have pre-ordered a copy as I'd like to Plat this on my PS5.

jznrpg91d ago

These aren’t super limited prints so whoever preorders will get one.

BrainSyphoned92d ago

Does it come with the layer of dust this game deserves or do you have to work at it?


High On Life's DLC Hilariously Mocks God Of War Ragnarok's Puzzle Spoilers

The recently released High on Life DLC, High on Knife, takes a jab at God of War Ragnarok's puzzle-spoiling mechanic that irked many players.

ravens52230d ago

Lol. I always got em before he said anything anyway lol

Seth_hun230d ago

How? Because boy spoiling the puzzle before you even see it :D

MrNinosan230d ago

Same, wasn't there a setting for how quickly Atreus would spoil shit 😏

JEECE229d ago

Yeah I heard a lot about this before I played, and then it almost never affected me when I played the game (the few times it did were with bird form Freya).

Honestly it makes me wonder if a bunch of people are just really terrible at puzzles and took forever to do them and got hints. It's either that or they patched the game to slow down the hints (I played about 5 months after launch).

H9230d ago

Couldn't get more accurate tho

GoodGuy09230d ago

I like GOW puzzles but honestly I felt there was way too much in Ragnarok.