Dolphin Emulator's Steam Release Canceled; Nintendo Did Not Pursue Legal Action

The Dolphin Emulator team has recently shared a new statement to clarify the situation. The software is unfortunately not releasing on Steam.

Vits131d ago

Well, they wouldn't risk it.

Sure they could try to bury Dolphin in legal shenanigans, but they always run the risk of losing like previous lawsuits against this kind of software. And the ramifications of that would be disastrous for a company like Nintendo. That said, Dolphin not pushing their luck is also a smart direction.

Kakashi Hatake131d ago

Ridiculous, no one is buying GameCube game now.

Christopher131d ago

I really wish we adjusted our laws that if a product is off the retail market for 5+ years, it gets put into open emulation arena to maintain the content. And Disney shouldn't be allowed to vault content away from the world as well.

Who am I kidding? These people run the world. What we see is decided by them.

FinalFantasyFanatic131d ago

I'm not surprised, especially when you know how blood thirsty Nintendo's lawyers are, then again, for anyone who wants the emulator, they can probably add it with extra steps to Steam's Retro Arch or Steam Deck anyway.

FinalFantasyFanatic131d ago

Someone want to explain the down votes? It doesn't make sense when I've only spoken facts.

ApocalypseShadow131d ago

Works on someone's particular phone just fine.

darksky131d ago

Why would anyone need Steam to run Dolphin anyway? It works fine as a standalone download.

ABizzel1131d ago

Because it would open Dolphin up for easy access for all SteamDeck users, and Steam users will allow online multiplayer mods to be easily implemented for a larger community.

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The PS4 Can Run Vulkan (and GameCube Games Via Dolphin)

Using PS4 Linux and the AMDGPU-PRO driver Hector Martin has managed to get Vulkan software running on a PS4.

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Imp0ssibl32518d ago

Yes but it's not like it will have any benefits this way, it's just an exploit, not an actual feature.

2518d ago Replies(1)
Eidolon2518d ago

Pretty cool but it's like making your PS4 useless as a console and only a decent Linux machine.

2518d ago
Eidolon2517d ago

No, pretty sure you have to modify to the firmware in some way, not on the HDD alone.

KingAlistair2517d ago

decent???More like pitiful.Just tell me when the ps4 can Photoshop,create websites or 3D editing.

vega2752518d ago

And knowing sony. They will just send a update to remove it. We all remember what happened with Other OS

kevnb2518d ago

then stop updating for now.

vega2752518d ago

I don't own a ps4 nor will i ever buy one. So it doesn't bother me if they do. Just pointing out a fact.

2518d ago
Eidolon2518d ago

Other OS was Sony's wasn't it? This is a hack and obviously not supported by Sony. Either way, you're hindering your PS4 console to play some Gamecube games? It's just a tinkerers toy, nothing really useful is going to come out of it that would make it worth it.. Just get a Linux machine for cripes sake.

Razzer2518d ago

Right. Other OS was a PS3 feature that was removed. Not an exploit. lol

kevnb2518d ago

Don't you think people should be able to do what they want? I get that they don't want piracy, but I bought the Damm console and should be able.to install whatever I want.

Eidolon2517d ago

I bought my PS4 and PS4 Pro to play games designed for it, if I wanted to play gamecube games or run linux programs, I have machines for that...

hirobrotagonist2518d ago


I don't own a ps4 nor will i ever buy one. So it doesn't bother me if they do. Just pointing out a fact.

your loss

Razzer2518d ago

Of course they will. And they should.

MyDietEqualsGames2518d ago (Edited 2518d ago )

"only I matter" Also, what happened when they did that? Yup. Just recently Sony settled for the very thing you're speaking about.

nitus102518d ago

Providing you have proof of purchase and can provide a written statement that you did use the "Other OS" feature you can get $55 USD. If you can also provide proof that you purchased the PS3 with one the reasons to be able to use the "Other OS" feature you can get $9 USD. https://en.wikipedia.org/wi...

Somehow I doubt that Sony will be paying much money for removing the "Other OS" feature. Of course, you will always get diehards but most people who genuinely use Linux at home and/or at work don't care.

Contrary to what some people may say removing the "Other OS" feature was the only thing that was ever removed from the original PS3 and it was optional, no other features were ever removed.

nitus102518d ago

I still have my original PS3 and it works fine since it can play PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. After all, that is what I got for anyway.

I would be curious to know how many people actually used the "Other OS" feature since if you did install Linux it really made a very poor Linux machine. I personally never used the feature since you could run Linux on just about computer such as my 10-year-old HP dv6000 laptop which even now runs the latest release of Fedora 25 Linux. In fact I actually run Linux on all my computers including the Desktop I am currently using.

KwietStorm_BLM2518d ago

Correct, knowing company _______, they will update their product to close anything deemed a security hole.