TEKKEN 8 — Claudio Serafino Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

It's time to get Sirius ✨ Claudio Serafino will prevail in TEKKEN 8!

Terry_B219d ago

Get Sirius? Oh damn..thats lame!


US game revenue gets a 15% bump in January | US Monthly Charts

Tekken 8, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Persona 3 Reload debuted among the month's top-sellers.

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Nyxus1d 12h ago

"The report adds that, at 39 months since its launch, the PlayStation 5's lifetime sales are currently 7% ahead of the PlayStation 4 during that same period. Sony's home console is also 68% ahead of the PlayStation 3's life-to-date sales."


Bathyj1d 7h ago

Console industry is stagnant right?

Christopher1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

I think that's respective of market reach for consoles as a whole, not spending/revenue? Let alone that stat was accounting for PS and Nintendo filling in the losses by Xbox.

Bathyj1d 6h ago

Yeah, the point I was making. Total number of consoles not really growing with one side severely underperforming, hence cries of stagnation.

Plus, a business doesn't need to grow every year to succeed. It needs to make profit. I don't care what Microsoft says. They don't make profit. You can't spend 80 billion and then not include that as an expense against your revenue. Not how business works.

You need to deduct your expenses from your revenue to work out your profit. I've understood that since Lemonade on Commodore 64.

badz1491d 4h ago

Any reason why TLoU2 suddenly rose to #9 in the chart?

MrNinosan1d 3h ago

Because the Remaster released 19th of January

badz14922h ago

oh...yea...totally forgot about that. but why doesn't it says Remaster in the chart?

MrNinosan20h ago

Because buying the PS4-version, and then do the $10 upgrade is cheaper.
So my guess is that it's the actual PS4-Version that has skyrocket to #9

badz14917h ago

that makes total sense. haha tq

purple10118h ago(Edited 18h ago)

Also ps5 is on sale in the uk for £419
for the kids half term break I expect and people need games with their console some will have seen the hbo series this may have helped


Tekken 8 Pluggers: Devs Will Have Several Tiers of Penalties, Already have a Ban List

The Tekken dev team has confirmed that Tekken 8 pluggers will be getting punishments, with some even getting banned from the game.

XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

Wow great we need this 😍 more other devs take notes

Rynxie3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Quitting is not cheating. Banning people for rage quitting or plugging is beyond ridiculous. Yeah, let's ban people just quitting, let's ignore the people cheating though. I hope people sue namco, if they go with that ridiculous implementation. It absolutely hurts no one. Cheating on the other hand.

Terry_B4d ago

Why are they not called ragequitters anymore?

Angyobangyo3d ago

In theory they are ragequitters, but instead they are just quitting or closing the game from the main menu without disconnecting online. Pluggers are online ragequitters who either literally remove their cable from their router or Ethernet cable from console for make the connection crash.

Furesis3d ago

I have not encountered a single ragequitter. Banning sounds a bit excessive for just quiting, instead they should do what MK does with their quitalitys and just give u the win but tekken gives u nothing and that sounds more like a game issue to me. Just give people the win that would be a start lol and a small time penalty like OTHER games do. Like it's all out there just copy that shit, this is an instance where copying others is a GOOD thing. It's like no one at namco has never played a popular online game before.

Terry_B2d ago

oh trust me..the ragequitters are common in Tekken 8. Around 30-40 from my ranked matches ended because them. From around 900 matches so far.


Tekken 8 Team Will be Dealing with Ragequitters, Why Tekken 8 Doesn’t Have a Tournment Mode

The Outerhaven writes: The Tekken 8 team outlines plans to block ragequitters in Tekken 8 and also explains why Tekken 8 doesn't feature a tournament mode.

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XiNatsuDragnel4d ago

That's great a plan unlike some other games I know

blackblades4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yeah, the rage quit quitters are the worse and annoying. One thing to note is there is a difference between rage quitters and lost of connection of some matter. Wish they can see a difference then the 2 and not mistake a random connection drop as a rage quit. Another thing to add, fighting games im fine with Mk way cause the RQ is tue ones hurting themselves. Team base games the RQ is hurting the team and they definitely should be banned for awhile or worse.