Gran Turismo causing wrecks?

The Times Online has a story up about one Christopher Hayden, a 19-year-old British gentleman who crashed his BMW into the vehicle of a septigenarian woman shortly after playing a few rounds of Gran Turismo on the in-dash entertainment system of his fancy car. Now the media almost trampled each other in an effort to be the first to report that Gran Turismo must have caused the erratic driving and vehicular murder.

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FordGTGuy4897d ago

Gran Turismo isn't realistic lol!

TheExodus4896d ago

There ought to be a law against driving... while driving ;)

Booneral4895d ago

Well it's wrong to blame Gran Turismo, it's simply stupidity of the guy who is hyped-up because of a video game. Same goes for GTA series, there are so many dumbasses thinking they can bring video games into reality.