Ten Games Leaving PlayStation Plus Catalog in August 2023

Ten games will be leaving PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium in August 2023 including Borderlands 3 and some Yakuza games. Here is the full list:

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closed_account134d ago

Doh! Been meaning to play thru the Yakuza series, on account of P_Bomb's mad enthusiasm for it. A lot to catch up on, I'm sure they'll be back in the future.

crazyCoconuts134d ago

I just finished 0 on my steam deck. Pretty damn good game

RpgSama134d ago

If you like turn based JRpgs, play Yakuza: Like a Dragon, SO good.

Christopher134d ago

So, how long should I ban you for not playing them when you had the chance?

134d ago
Aloymetal134d ago

Keep insulting people for no reason and wonder why you get the hammer. Smfh.

closed_account134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Haha yea P_Bomb has been trying for like 5 years! He makes some crazy funny memes from them, and that quirky awkward humor is what really interests me the most. (remember the ps4 N4G group we used to have? He used to post them there. ha) I just always have something else to play and jumping in feels overwhelming. Some day. XD

*Edit - Does Like a Dragon maintain the same level of quirky humor? I'm a big rpg guy, so it may be the one to hook me into that world.

RpgSama134d ago


Yes, it maintains the same level of quirky humor, while also being very serious at times, I really, really liked the story and even more, the characters.

closed_account134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

@RpgSama that's the one for me then, since I don't believe it requires knowledge of other characters. Bonus, I just remembered we got that on PS Plus monthly last Summer! Thanks man!

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Stanjara134d ago

They are like $5 dude. Start with Zero.

blackblades134d ago

Buy it then, then you can play it at anytime without waiting if it'll come back on

P_Bomb134d ago

lmao 🤣! We had a screenshot for any/every occasion! The meme was strong. Good times, good times!

Class_Viceroy133d ago

If you haven’t started the series by now, you probably won’t. It’s been available on PlayStation, Xbox and the games are always dirt cheap. For years….

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MasterChief3624134d ago

The Crew 2 leaving is a strange choice... because I thought that was part of Ubisoft Plus? Is Ubisoft Plus getting rid of it, too? I'm confused by that one, as I thought Ubisoft Plus was one of the perks of PS Plus Extra / Premium

MaximusPrime_134d ago

I'm guessing that it's related to the upcoming Motorfest.

crazyCoconuts134d ago

Same thing happened with AC Valhalla.

Class_Viceroy133d ago

AC Valhalla was a newer release when it was added. Those types of games they usually put on for 3 months. Like they did for Red Dead 2 also.

The older games are part of Ubisoft Classics or whatever it’s called.

Either way not a big deal, no one cares about the Crew that much right now


Well hopefully yakuza will be back I doubt I'll make it through any if then before they leave.

MrBaskerville134d ago

It's only the three first, rest stays for now.

RPGer133d ago

3 4 5 are available???

MrBaskerville133d ago

@RPGer, yeah: 3,4,5,6,7 and judgment are still available for now.

PunksOnN4G134d ago

Glad i bought them they were on sale cheap on the PS STORE the remaster ones wer elike 4$ lol

AmUnRa133d ago

Most times it is better to buy then to rent.....

PunksOnN4G133d ago

yep i do that for allmy gamesi own over 1.300 titles from the ps4 and up lol lets not add in ps3 content and so on lol


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