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Viewfinder is an incredible mind-bending puzzle game that never stops innovating and never stops being fun.

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Viewfinder (PS5) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "All told, Sad Owl Studios is doing something right if its debut title's closest comparison is the Portal series; even if not measuring up across each individual aspect, it's an exceptional achievement regardless. While choice presentational and story decisions slightly blur the final image, it's impressive how much ingenuity and mind-twisting logic could be squeezed out of what started as a design student's neat discovery. Even discounting the lens of Viewfinder's origin story, it's nevertheless an impressively-designed puzzler that'll leave an indelible mark on anyone's cerebral photo album."

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coolbeans107d ago

Surprised at the relatively high Exoprimal score tbh. It doesn't feel altogether there.

P_Bomb107d ago

Buddy of mine swears it gets better after 7-9hrs, give or take (he’s at 12hrs). I just can’t do that. But I’ll check it out next time I go to his place.

coolbeans107d ago

Sure. I joined a buddy's lobby recently and had some mindless fun with it. Even then, you can implicitly *feel* how it's not quite there with audio/visual feedback and polish. Plus, I'd be worse off by myself b/c you literally have to *grind* to unlock its better game modes - something I was forewarned about in some reviews.

P_Bomb107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Indeed, the reviews corroborate the grind needed to get to the goods. I’ll just piggyback off buddy’s save when the time comes. See how it looks and handles, at least. Then I’ll check out Remnant etc. He also picked up Atlas Fallen.

coolbeans105d ago

I picked up Atlas Fallen on a whim. I genuinely hope it's not a regrettable impulse buy.

107d ago

Viewfinder Review - A Positive Time with Photo Negatives | COGconnected

Viewfinder is a gorgeous and challenging puzzle game that will pull you through art like no other game this year.

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