Modern Warfare 3 Leaked Images Feature Gear, Weapons, & More; Items to Carryover From MW2

Modern Warfare 3 leaked images have surfaced showing the weapons, Firing Range, and more, alongside new details about the shooter.

Number1TailzFan368d ago

Right? Same recycled stuff.. 90's and early 2000's were great for games, PC had a great variety of games and if just counting FPS titles the 90's had Half Life, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, Aliens vs Predator. early 2000's had Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Soldier of Fortune 2, Half Life 2 with an actual revolution in game interactivity with physics and stuff, Half Life 2:DM and CS Source and then Garry's Mod off the back of em.

Thankfully at least we have Source 2 and now S&box is really starting to make things exciting and fresh again with a ton of different potential online games.

Christopher368d ago

No matter, though, as it will break its own records and make more and more profit. It's what the people want. Every year.

Christopher368d ago

Disagrees, sadly, won't change this fact.

*presses F*

blackblades368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Only way to kill it is to grab there attention with something else. Fortnite didnt do it, apex didnt do it. To bad Sony did a deal they couldve had 20% chance probably to killed the franchise if it wasnt on ps.

Rutaprkl368d ago

Yeah right? I just can't understand why / how people still play Cod. I think Call of Duty's golden age was Mw2 - BO2 era.

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MIDGETonSTILTS17369d ago

Weren’t they skipping a year, for the first time ever?

And is this even from IW?

Wikkid666368d ago

Yep... This was supposed to be a dlc/add on to MW2, but they decided to make it a full blown version now.

MIDGETonSTILTS17368d ago

Yeah I liked the idea of DLC for a change

Asplundh368d ago

That's what was reported but nothing was confirmed by Activision.

There's too much money to be milk to skip a year. Bet its half baked and basically MW2.5

fr0sty368d ago

Every COD game is half baked and basically a DLC update of its predecessor.

crazyCoconuts368d ago

Wow. At least alternating between IW and Treyach gives you some illusion of variety. Two years in a row with IW and we basically just get more maps? Dunno.

shadowfax33368d ago

i don't think this is made by IW, i think its by sledgehammer.


I would have happily purchased a $30 - 40 expansion to MW2, but another $70 is too much. I'd rather put that money towards Mortal Kombat 1.

badz149368d ago

Maybe it will be on GP day 1 this year.

GoodGuy09368d ago

So it's basically just a $70 paid update lol. Glad mcsft bought them. I'm only interested in the single player.

long-time-gamer368d ago

It’s crazy cause no matter what they do it’s gonna sell like hotcakes cause of the name and how comfortable people are with the title

MIDGETonSTILTS17368d ago

They were having rocky sales before OG IW devs came back to help reboot MW properly….