Introducing Xbox Game Pass Core, Coming This September

Game Pass Core will give players access to advanced multiplayer network, a select collection of over 25 games to play with friends around the world, and exclusive member deals, all for $9.99 USD per month or $59.99 USD per year.

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Jin_Sakai281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Basically the same as GWG except you get 25 games added 2 to 3 times per year instead of monthly games. Good list of games to start.

Christopher281d ago

Actually not the same. Microsoft can freely remove titles from this and it will remove access to the game unlike GWG where it would remain in your library as long as you were subscribed (or resubscribed) if you claimed it. Currently most are first party, the few that aren't as well as future titles of a similar nature would fall into this category.

Having said that, how they are handling past games remaining in your library use great.

Profchaos281d ago

I always liked that you got to permanently keep the 360 era games you collected on the service I got a few really great games via that. The x1 selection however the only good games we got from my recollection was gears 5 and sunset overdrive I'm sure there were more but that's what stood out to me

Christopher281d ago

GWG was a great place for AA games, IMHO. Lots of Castlevania, EDF, Saints Row, Lost Planet, etc.

crazyCoconuts281d ago

And the roster will only have changes a few times a year vs. getting something new every month.

Lightning77281d ago

No SF or any major games on core on day one either unless you sign up with Ultimate or the $10.99 version.

GWG is finally scrapped after 2 or 3 years of poor offerings every month. Just like you said they won't be able to keep those games which is the only down side to this.

4Sh0w281d ago

GWG hasn't been good for years, they obviously put it on the back burner since GP has been the focus. This is a improvement but honestly I don't think it's a great value compared to the lower teir GP option.

281d ago
KillBill280d ago

Most of the titles shown included initially are 1st party games that are permanent entries in Game Pass. The likelihood those titles are removed is low. There is a chance that others will see rotation but we have only heard of the insertion of added 2~3 games per year into the subscription service tier. It has basically turned into a sampling of Game Pass and the same online access as seen previously.

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VersusDMC281d ago

They don't say they will add 25 games 2-3 times a year. That sounds like they will have 75 games by the end of the year.

They just say they will add games 2-3 times a year...we don't know how many.

darthv72281d ago

I've been an ultimate member for nearly two years. I dont really play online multiplayer so dropping down to the Console tier seems like a better fit for me.

VersusDMC281d ago

Keep in mind you lose EA play games if you leave Ultimate so hopefully you don't play those games often.

MrNinosan281d ago

1 year EA Play is cheaper than the difference between GP Console and GP Ultimate if that would be the case.

darthv72281d ago

Wish they'd add ubisoft+ to that package at no additional cost. I'd likely stay an ultimate member.

GamerRN281d ago

Really? I just both a year of ultimate for 96$ on a website. After taxes it was 105$ or so... Honestly for that price I ended up grabbing another year. $100 a year for ultimate is a no brainer...

Petebloodyonion281d ago

I'm in the same boat, I don't really use Xbox online since I mostly play on PC.
I have Ultimate because I love the idea of Streaming for quick checking and for the 2 libraries.
Also, you can find cheap ultimate code online if you know where to look (ultimate cost me an average of 9$ per month).

aaronaton281d ago Show
Petebloodyonion281d ago

not really aside from the naming convention
Sony still gives you a monthly offering of 2-3 games per month yours to keep as long as you subscribe compared to MS which gives you access to a static complete collection like Nintendo.

MrNinosan281d ago

Sony has never given "only" 2 games.
Always 3 or more, but yes, I agree.
GP Core is nothing like PS+ Essentials

VersusDMC281d ago

It's the PS plus collection except it's mostly 1st party games.

Petebloodyonion281d ago

@Mr Ninosan
Sony has been constantly giving at least
2 PS4 titles
1 Ps5 title
So yeah 2 titles if you're a Ps4 owner and 3 if you're a PS5 owner
So I don't see where I'm wrong with my initial statement.

blackblades281d ago

You wre not wrong but techincally 3 for ps4 user as well cause they can redeem the ps5 only game via website or app store until they get a ps5. Also sometimes they give out a bonus game making it 4 games but that's super rare.

anast281d ago

They will have the tiers which will be priced similarly. That statice library is filled with bottom barrel entertainment with about only 3 or 4 games worth playing, which is the same amount Sony offers. The window dressing is different but the MS store is Sony's plan.

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MrBeatdown280d ago

This is better than Sony's plan. See, if you have Xbox Live Gold, now you get Game Pass Core. And if you like it, you can upgrade to standard Game Pass. But then if you want multiplayer back, you can upgrade to Ultimate, which has PC games, so you can play online on your Xbox.

And if you're an Ultimate subscriber already, the Core users are getting some of what you're paying for already, plus you don't have to worry about claiming your two free games a month, because they don't exist!

Extermin8or3_280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

On what planet is it better than sonys plan? You get multiplayer on the lowest proced ps plus tier aswell as the gsmes each month to keep forever as long as you are subscribed- also ps plus edsential is cheaper than games pass core. This is inline with the pricing of ps plus extras price, essential is 3 quid cheaper and premium is cheaper than gsmes pass ultimate by about the same amount.

If your an ultimate aubscriber you are technically losing a feature.....

anast280d ago

If you like a buffet of shovelware...

VersusDMC281d ago

Glad they kept the 60 a year so there will no price change to people who just want online multiplayer. And that list of games is better than what GWG was giving so it's a good change.

crazyCoconuts281d ago

Yeah GWG got so bad it's easy to improve.
Still, this relatively static set of games that only gets updated a few times a year is still far behind what PS Essentials is offering for the same price.
It's a step in the right direction though I guess