Baldur's Gate 3 Is A Massive And Hilarious RPG | Gamespot

Jake and Dan played roughly five hours of Baldur's Gate 3, and they both walked away impressed.

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QuantumMechanic338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

No PS5 disc release --> pass (which pains me because I really enjoyed both D:OS games. Oh well---I vote with my wallet!)

Tapani338d ago

You can vote with your wallet alright, but I'll only buy the digital version due to environmental concerns and also will be enjoying the game from day 1.

CrimsonWing69338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

It weirds me out how stubborn console gamers are. You never hear this from PC gamers, but yea I’ll be playing this Day 1 and I’m super hyped for it.

Sonic1881338d ago

Console gamers are the funniest lol. 🤣

anast338d ago


Steam and Epic are viruses and they can hold your games for ransom. It weirds me out to think people rush to be hustled.

frostypants338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Environmental concerns? LOL. Cmon. If you were that hardcore about the environment you'd stop buying game consoles and using energy for video games. Physical software media is the least of concerns on that front.

I download most games but there is no denying that discs have a place and are the only way to truly "own" a copy. With downloads you are effectively paying for a rental with an unspecified expiration that will one day come, one way or the other. They should be priced accordingly.

shinoff2183338d ago

If they would atleast do pre order for the physical online , more then likely the only people buying it would be ones looking for physical so there wouldn't be much if any environmental concerns.

Tapani338d ago

I'm not hardcore about environment, but I don't support hard plastic if I can avoid it.

I guess when you say environmental concerns the first thing people think is some sort of a hippie with a sign. I'm highly educated (and know how our seas are full of plastic, and humans are filled with microplastic, and our food is full of it as well), in a very solid job, and where I live, people have houses full of solar panels on both roofs and their yards and an EV or hybrid car, but also electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. Plus, the place we live in has extremely strict recycling rules, punishable by law if you mess up.

So yeah, if I can avoid it, and if I can live partly off the grid using solar power, I'll do it. It's not cool anymore to laugh about stuff like this, you guys who are mocking me are behind the times.

sertz338d ago

I really don't have a problem with digital-only releases as long as I personally have the option, if I have a bluray burner or equivelant, to make my own physical copy of the game. That shows me that yes, I "own" it. As many websites have brought up recently, older games are harder and harder to find, let alone play. Having a physical copy at least allows me to enjoy it in the future as long as it isn't online-only.

andy85337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

It's not really stubbornness, it's sense. Once everyone's stuck digital we're at the mercy of whatever pricing they want to put on us and no alternatives. Currently I can buy a day one game, finish it, sell it and it costs me between £0 and £10 overall. That would then become £70.

NoFanBoy327d ago

The enviromental cost of running servers is the same as producing discs.

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Terry_B338d ago

2-7 years and music, movies and video games on discs are completely gone anyway.

Christopher338d ago

Somebody thinks every country is a first world country.

PapaBop338d ago

Buying the disc version PS5 has been one of the best decisions I've made in ages. I've easily made up the difference in savings in my first four months with the console. Maybe it's different in other countries but in England, it's always cheaper to buy from retailer than the PS Store. Then there is second hand sales and such which is invaluable for younger people and those on a limited budget. I don't think physical media in gaming at least isn't going anywhere.

andy85337d ago

Not a chance on this planet. A lot of countries don't have the infrastructure and a hell of a lot are still on data caps

MIDGETonSTILTS17338d ago

I have a library of discs myself, but I stopped collecting this gen because of the SSD.

It’ll take you longer to retrieve and insert that disc than to actually just boot up a digital copy….

MIDGETonSTILTS17337d ago

I didn’t realize N4G had so many speed-disc-inserters….

shinoff2183338d ago

Same. Bigger games have no excuse to not have a physical. Do online pre orders. 20k people order it print 20k and call it a day.

MIDGETonSTILTS17338d ago

Or, they could save money 🤷

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Sonic1881338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

This will end up being the biggest rpg of the year and definitely GOTY contender

Sonic1881338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Starfield didn't make it on my GOTY list. I believe Balder Gate 3 will get a better review score than Starfield. I'm doing a wait and see approach with Starfield. The game might be to similar to No Man Sky and probably have lot's of bugs during launch

anast338d ago

BG3 will be a vastly superior game to Starfield. In Starfield the choices will be limited and players will be forced to make their own fun by using mods. BG3 has the fun already programmed into the game and mods will be extra but not needed.

PapaBop336d ago

To be fair, he said contender not winner. From what I've seen so far, I think Zelda has GOTY in the bag regardless of how the two games turn out.

Christopher338d ago

As much as I would love that, it will likely go to one of the console exclusives that tend to get remembered more in news than the solid rpg that doesn't have any clickbait material around it.

Terry_B338d ago

Somebody thinks its not a clear sign that some major games and also more and more movies this year won't get a physical release..music albums on cd's is not a standard anymore as well. Its just a matter of time. 2-7 years.

Just like it is on PC since around 10 years already.

raWfodog338d ago

This was my thought also. The developer industry has already chimed in that they don't want BG3 to become the 'standard' that all other RPGs will be judged by simply because of all the work and resources that went into it. They all seem to love it and think its great but they want it considered an 'anomaly'. I think industry politics will prevent it from becoming the GOTY at the The Game Awards, but I'm sure a few other smaller media outlets will give it GOTY. I never put much stock in that title anyway as my favorite game of any given year is 'rarely' what is picked as the 'official' GOTY.

shinoff2183338d ago


I gotta say baldurs Gate won't touch starfield imo, plus there's already a bunch of those types of rpgs, we don't get many sci fi rpgs at all.

Sonic1881338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

You're going to be disappointed then. Baldur's Gate might end up winning GOTY I can almost guarantee it won't be Starfield