Xbox and PlayStation sign Call of Duty agreement

Phil Spencer tweeted "We are pleased to announce that Microsoft and @PlayStation have signed a binding agreement to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. We look forward to a future where players globally have more choice to play their favorite games."

sparky77318d ago

Good to see Sony finally "bend the knee". They obviously can see the deal closing and likely begged to get some form of contract before it was too late.

To think this whole drama never would have occurred if Sony did this at the beginning.

Flawlessmic318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Bend the knee lol

Ms need those Sony sales as much as Sony needs cod.

Don't think that if Sony were be spiteful and say no cod on ps that that wouldn't hurt xbox.

Until xbox make the funds back for the purchase they are desperate to keep that Sony sales rolling in which is why it was never in question whether it would still be on ps for the forseable future anyway.

Sony hardly needed to beg

sparky77318d ago

Jim said "I don't want to make a deal I want to block the acquisition". Him signing a deal means he came crawling back or like I said begging.

MS always wanted to keep COD of PS since it would mean Playstation gamers would be funding Xbox Game Studios.

Sony wouldn't remove COD from PS because that would be $800ml a year lost and their player base would die. MS would still be fine though since they are a trillion dollar company and can easy make up the losses from PS converts and PC.

Flawlessmic318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Exactly lol Jim wanted to block the deal from happening but the deal has been on the table the whole time literally, so again where did he need to beg for the deal?

If anything Ms were doing the begging for him to sign it for the last yr and a half.

Now that the deal is going through and fighting any further is futile Jim signed the deal.

But sure if that helps you sleep a little better at night you can create the extra little fan boy win in your mind.

Then again I don't know why I bothered lol seeing your name should've been enough to tell me to move and leave the blind fan boy alone.

Abriael318d ago

Whether they bent the knee or not is irrelevant, really. We'll never know how it went, albeit it's obvious that Jim Ryan didn't get what he wanted and had to take a step back when the situation turned against his view of things.

What I'm more interested in, at the moment, is whether he'll have to take a bigger step back or not. On purpose or unwittingly, he's made this personal, and his stance caused a *ton* of laundry that PlayStation likely preferred to keep under wraps to be hung out to dry in the sun. On top of that, he soured the relationship with a business partner (yes, Sony and Microsoft are business partners in quite a few areas).

Despite PlayStation's turn toward the West, Sony is still a Japanese company led by Japanese executives, and in Japan, this kind of thing is not irrelevant. I wouldn't be so surprised if they asked Ryan to step down.

Personally, I certainly wouldn't mind. Jim Ryan may be a shrewd businessman, but he's crass and completely out of touch with gamers. He pales in comparison to his predecessors in terms of charisma and class. Besides John Kodera, who was never really visible, I'd absolutely rejoice if PlayStation went back to having a CEO like Andrew House or Kaz Hirai. They were on a completely different level compared to Ryan. I miss these times.

P_Bomb318d ago

“Ms need those Sony sales as much as Sony needs cod. “


Abriael318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

PS: to add to my previous post. I vote for Shuhei Yoshida as PlayStation CEO. 👍

If you can beat Bloodborne's bosses on stream before the game is even released, you're my kind of CEO. 👀

darthv72318d ago

Regardless of who did what... everyone can all rest easier knowing this is almost over. Then we can all debate and argue over the other games coming out in the next several months and into the next several years.

MIDGETonSTILTS17318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

I’d disagree only in that M$ could afford to be spiteful.

S2Killinit318d ago

These xbox fans are power tripping hard. Its cringe.

wiz7191318d ago

@Flawless I believe the plan was to always keep COD on PlayStation , it’s makes to much money annually .. it’s not desperation it’s common sense

4Sh0w318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Well like it or not Yeah Jim Ryan did bend the knee....I mean what else do you call saying this:

"I don’t want a new Call of Duty deal. I just want to block your merger.”

-But Now:

Signing a deal ONLY AFTER the FTC case to *help *Sony FAILED. lmfao, if that ain't bending the knee I don't know what is.

-I mean yes of course Microsoft obviously wants to make their money back off of ps BUT REMEMBER it was Microsofts position the whole time to sell CoD on ps at least for 10yrs, so lets not forget that. -It was Ryan running around behind the scenes with the FTC & CMA to block it. NOW, he has no choice, but to take a deal HE DIDN'T WANT. Also think about it, between the 2 companies who do you think can least afford to lose money? While ps is big for CoD remember Microsoft is expanding to Nintendo and just about every platform known to man, so some of its losses would be made up by expanding & you gotta be seriously delusional if you don't think alot of the those *casual ps gamers won't buy a xbox or pc to play CoD if they don't already own one, which means some of ps CoD sales would be *naturally offset by increased sales from other platforms. Sony on the other hand would just wholesale lose all of CoD annual profit percentage they normally make.

itsmebryan318d ago

Sony is only about @16% of COD revenue. People overstate how much revenue COD makes from Playstation

Chevalier318d ago

Sparky doesn't need to be bright! Dim bulbs only for the Spark

Army_of_Darkness317d ago


It's actually more than that. Roughly 42% of COD players are from playstation platforms.

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Sonic1881318d ago

But didn't Microsoft tell the judge they were in last place? I see Sony taking advantage of this deal just to by time but I could be wrong 🤔

talocaca318d ago

And they will probably continue to be in last place 🤷‍♂️ I mean, Activision Blizzard has more flops than hits now (and pretty much every release will be crippled by a mandatory Series S version).

TheProfessional318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Honestly the way Sony handled it Microsoft should've just made it an exclusive. Jim Ryan is a joke. This whole process of them fighting it was pointless and made them look weak and also revealed that they're more dependent on revenue from a third party studio than their own exclusives.

They're also hypcorites for making an issue out of exclusivity and acqusitions while they acquire a massive company like Bungie and make Marathon exclusive. They have always had (and currently have) exclusives from third party studios themselves.

Sonic1881318d ago (Edited 318d ago )


Playstation fans should be concern because if Sony reacts and starts buying publishers it will definitely mess up the gaming industry. This will definitely create a monopoly if Sony reacts in that way.

MrBaskerville318d ago

Marathon is multiplatform and Activision isn't just COD, it's like 12 studios under the biggest publisher in the entire industry.

blackblades318d ago

10 years MS said is enough time to create there own. Maybe they can help market the hell outta that UBISoFt shooter or have there own.

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Christopher318d ago (Edited 318d ago )

Yeah, all that knee bending. Wasn't it the argument before this that Microsoft would be crazy to lose all that money that PlayStation makes for the series? Now it's knee bending? And weren't people saying this is to allow Microsoft to compete with Sony but now Sony is beneath Microsoft.

Gotta love the narratives.

maniacmayhem318d ago

I'm sure there were a few squats made by Jim Ryan to fit the narrative here.


darthv72318d ago

Well.... did they really have a choice? They go from block block grumble bitch to agreeing to the deal they didnt want in the first place. Im sure there are a few concessions to it but they agreed.

They could have stood their ground and that might have looked strong to the eyes of fans [on this site] but outside there are more happy they did than didnt. Now im seeing tweets about all the other PS related games like crash, spyro, tony hawk... some people are never satisfied.

Im just glad its nearly over.

-Foxtrot318d ago

It's called moving the goal posts

It happens a lot

Othegamer5318d ago

the guy simply didn't want to take the deal. wanted the merger to fail. Didn't get either one that is a L. simple as that.

Christopher318d ago

***Im sure there are a few concessions to it but they agreed. ***

But can't Sony just bully Microsoft like they did Activision?

This is the narrative I'm talking about. Big bully Sony is too powerful and forces Activision to do things but now they must kowtow to third place can't complete with Sony Microsoft. How quickly we flip narratives and the power between these two.