Study Says 7 Out Of 10 Players Avoid Playing Certain Games Because Of Toxic Communities

In a recent game study, it was revealed that toxic communities are actively detrimental to a game's commercial and financial success.

XiNatsuDragnel137d ago

Whelp that is a fact I knew for years.

Abear21136d ago

Yup, hopefully it’s better now, but back when I owned a 360 it was nothing but teenagers saying the N word like it was normal. Most of the reason I still stay away from Xbox, nothing but idiots and bigots are on it, I felt dumber by proxy listening to these people.

S2Killinit136d ago

I did have a horrible time playing COD back in the 360 era. They mistook my username for a muslim and man it was crazy. Little kids would say the worst things, sometimes they would scream things and log off. Lol I had people who would hear this and try to show solidarity but I would try to explain that I wasn't even muslim and by the time I was done it had ruined my gaming experience becaise now things were weird lol

Notellin136d ago

What? No one has ever said that about Xbox community. The downvotes clearly don't support your ignorance.

Gardenia136d ago

I play on Playstation in the EU and the amount of mic users is pretty low. Personally I almost never run into toxic players.

mandf137d ago

Cod aka child online daycare

closed_account137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

For sure.

.. and, GTA - Giant Turds Anonymous or Gangsta Teenage Assh**es. (Except most of them are like 8-12yrs old 😩)

Sonic1881137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I never played GTA online but COD online is definitely toxic

Christopher137d ago

Most MP games of the sort for me, tbh. Cod is just one of the more popular, but I find toxic/annoying people in most BR/online shooters.

Knushwood Butt137d ago

Yet is it detrimental to its commercial and financial success?

isarai137d ago

I always have it set up so I never hear mic chatter, it's never useful anyways. But when Battlefield was good enough to play, I would often get harassed for sniping and recon work by my own team mates, and certainty more than a few times I passed on a sesh cause I didn't want to deal with it.

ClayRules2012137d ago

I do the same. I don’t wanna hear all that nonsense, no time for that.

blackblades136d ago

Yeah same, still do it. My account is privacy heavy and the toxic is the same level as Twitter. I can say sometimes it was entertaining listening to them getting mad when I was dominating. We can always report, maybe we should let them get mad so we get them all suspended or ban.

JackBNimble136d ago

This is exactly what I do. I'm not big on military shooters but I do this for pretty much every online game.

HyperMoused136d ago

I remember in BF there is always one turd burger screaming into the Mic,..."Play the objecive, you are all usless C*&ts....play the ooobejjeeeccctttiivvvee,, ahh errr hrrrdrrrr"

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Number1TailzFan137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

L4d2 has some of the worst players. Usually mini hitler admins with mental issues who need some kind of control over people.

GoodGuy09137d ago

Cod being the biggest one ofc lol.