Star Wars Outlaws: Planet Size Equivalent to 2-3 Zones in AC Odyssey, Locations All "Handcrafted"

Massive says the Star Wars Outlaws planet size is roughly the size of 2-3 zones in AC Odyssey. No procedurally generated entire planets.

Lightning77338d ago

Sounds like the Star Wars version Of NMS or SF. No procedurely generated entire planets? That's dope. My only question is how many planets will there be? If it's all handcrafted there has to be at least 20 different planets.


20? I'd be happy with 8 or 10 tbh. Quality over quantity.

CobraKai337d ago

Same. I’d take fewer but larger explorable planets.

GhostScholar337d ago

20 handcrafted planets would be ALOT. I don’t even think there are 20 planets mentioned in the entirety of Star Wars lore.

ZeekQuattro337d ago

The are a lot of planets in Star Wars lore. The thing is at the end of the day most are Hoth, Endor or Tatooine clones. Either that or it's a sprawling city planet of some kind. 😆

toxic-inferno336d ago


There are a few more than 20. Though of course, many in this list are moons.

Crows90337d ago

You believe everything you read?
Handcrafted doesn't mean they actually spent much time making the open areas.

GhostScholar336d ago

Idiot what I’m saying is that by them saying handcrafted that means not procedurally generated and 20 planets not being procedural is a lot to expect. It was a very simple idea to understand. Troll much?

Crows90334d ago


Mass Effects planets weren't procedurally generated. Release your brain if you wont use it.

S2Killinit336d ago

You expect 20 handcrafted planers?? Starfoeld only has 3 or 4 cities if I remember correctly and I think a lot of its world is procedural. If Starwars has 20 handcrafted planets that would be immense.

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XiNatsuDragnel337d ago

Star wars outlaws sounds like space skyrim? If so I like it.

337d ago
MinnesotaFatts337d ago

I hope massive and Ubi can pull this game off, but I'm not holding my breath.

purple101337d ago

Not holding my breath either but fair play to ubi, they had the best showing this year I reckon.

Crew 3
Assassin's mirage
Riders republic jet set radio / halo dlc.

Very diverse. Colourful. Everything looked 'fun' which if I'm not mistaken
..is the point of gaming.


It's hard to believe that Ubisoft has multiple releases that I'm looking forward to (AC Red, SR: Outlaws, PoP Remake, possibly a Black Flag Remake, Splinter Cell Remake etc.).

It's a shame that it took so many failures on their part to figure out that they should listen to what gamers want as opposed to doing they THINK we want.

shinoff2183337d ago

Star wars was about it for me.

GhostScholar337d ago

I’m one of the few left who actually enjoys the Ubisoft “formula” it’s like comfort food for me so I’m pretty sure I’ll love this mixing of my favorite franchise by a developer that I love for the most part.

shinoff2183337d ago

Ghostscholar I get it. Personally I think my issues are the games themselves. If these were more along the lines of something I'd like. I'd probably be just as down. I'm not a fan of assassins creed and I swear everything I try to atleast give it another fair shot, whether it's origins, Valhalla, odyssey something that interest me more comes along. Out of all of them origins almost had me but not quite.

Tbh out of just what purple listed star wars was about it for me. That riders Republic seemed kinda cool but I wouldn't sink alot of time in it. I generally don't with sports games.

GhostScholar336d ago


Origins is actually my favorite ac
Game. I thought it built a good foundation for the next generation of ac games but they totally omitted the story in origins when they made odyssey. Odyssey bored me to tears. I think with AC my interest depends on where the game takes place. Egypt just really connected with me.

Jon61586337d ago

I have faith in massive. The division games sre well designed in my opinion

raWfodog337d ago

“Players will not have “total free rein” in terms of travel, you won’t be able to freely fly above the planet, and there will be set landing and take-off areas.”

Ahh well, I was hoping this wasn’t going to be the case as the gameplay trailer showed promise with respect to spaceship flight. Guess I’ll need to fire up Elite Dangerous Horizons in order to satisfy my obsession with full manual flight.

shinoff2183337d ago

Lol that I an odd obsession , but hey I'm not hating

yeahokwhatever336d ago

Avorion is the best spaceship itch scratcher for me.

CantThinkOfAUsername336d ago

Nah, nothing comes close to Star Citizen when it comes to manual flight. It's almost too much to handle.

raWfodog336d ago

Yes I’m also impressed by Star Citizen’s flight mechanics but I currently game mainly on console so I haven’t had an opportunity to try out SC. Maybe in the future.

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