Google Agrees to Buy Adscape

Google has made a foray into in-game advertising for video games with an agreement to acquire Adscape Media for $23 million, sources familiar with the matter said Thursday.

The move comes after news broke last month that the Internet advertising giant was in the final stages of buying the startup, a deal that could give Google an entry point into a new advertising category

But sources familiar with the in-game ad business said an Adscape acquisition gives Google little beyond a few potentially interesting patents. While market conditions could change rapidly, don't expect the Internet giant to announce big in-game ad deals with publishers like Electronic Arts anytime soon.

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Bullseye4350d ago

Yeah.Well i'm very serious about playing my games uninterrupted.Stay outta my way google, or i might just change my search page, so there.

Rasputin20114350d ago

If google was as apealing as that pic then I would let them advertise everywhere and anywhere.

Baller444349d ago

why doesnt her shirt say yahoo instead. it could be better.

Baller444349d ago

i should throw some water on it and whoo. you are in heaven