The Last Hope on Nintendo Switch - The Worst Game We've Ever Reviewed

The Last Hope on Nintendo Switch gained notoriety for a trailer that revealed a sub-standard iterative take on The Last of Us... but what if none of the trailer content was actually in the game?

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darthv72140d ago

wow... there really are no words.

lucian229139d ago

i mean, it's on nintendo.....why is anyone shocked?

Number1TailzFan139d ago

If you're referring to the hardware, I agree. People go nuts saying stuff like "it's all about optimisation" yeah it is to an extent, but if your hardware isn't powerful enough to handle at least moderately demanding games then you're screwed anyway, and then you can expect 30fps with dips or resolution compromises. Same with any console given a demanding enough title.

Knushwood Butt139d ago

I think the OP is referring to the fact that Nintendo allow any old crap on their store.

gold_drake139d ago

its also weird that it was even approved haha.

mastershredder139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Its a low budget unity game… and you are pointing out common a practices with low budget published tites? Packs and templates. Nothing new here.

You knew what you were walking into with build quality of these games. Their titles alone were tell-tale.

The last of us reference. Big whoop. What’s your focus/end message here? awareness of likely legal asset licensing and use? (even though shady). Or is it just a narrow focus on the last of us? it’s too generic to care about.

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The Last of Us knock off removed from Nintendo eShop as Sony stakes copyright claim

That The Last of Us rip-off known as The Last Hope has been removed from the Nintendo eShop.

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closed_account121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I watched the Digital Foundry review & they called it the worst game they ever reviewed. Looks hilariously bad in the actual gameplay. They only put a certain amount of bullets in the game and ask you to kill so many zombies in each encounter... but thing is, given the amount of bullets it takes to kill a zombie, there aren't actually enough bullets in the game to complete all of the zombie challenges! 😂


anast120d ago

Yeah, that's bad. It's a wonder how Nintendo even let this on their shop.

Psychonaut85120d ago

I mean, 95% of Nintendo games from the Wii forward are essentially shovelware. Which is ironic cuz they originally survived because of the “Nintendo Seal of Quality”

jznrpg120d ago

They have a good amount of really bad games on the Nintendo shop. All stores have some janky games but Nintendo has the most it seems.

Gwiz120d ago

I'm not really surprised because there's A LOT of shovel ware on the E-shop.
I'm really surprised that anyone even attempted this.

execution17120d ago

It's the eshop... nothing but garbage shovelware that fills up the new releases and deals sections... gets bad enough that I need to use youtube vids just to find anything worth buying in the deals section

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RupeeHoarder121d ago

Rightfully so. Could they rip off Ellie’s outfit any more? Lol

specialguest120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

The only thing they ripped off from TLOU is the nearly identical image of Ellie who follows you, but in a very dumb AI way. Basically she just stands around until all zombies in the area are killed. Everything else is generic and complete trash for a game

closed_account120d ago

Missed opportunity for them to call them Joe & Nellie! 😂

Jin_Sakai120d ago

Thank you Sony for doing us Nintendo fans a favor.

GoodGuy09120d ago

Lmao. They could've at least made the elie clone look more different.