darthv72143d ago

Everyone get your popcorn ready...

1Victor143d ago

called it 🤣 this is going up to the Supreme Court and they’ll have the last say so till then get a nice comfy chair this is going to keep goin till next year

--Onilink--143d ago

The supreme court actually chooses their own cases and not everything can actually get to the level of the supreme court.
This is probably the only level of appeal that this is going to go through (you cant really keep appealing to infinity) and I dont think anyone really expected the FTC to not appeal just as MS obviously appealed in the UK.
Ultimately, the most likely scenario at this point in time and mentioned by the article is that its really unlikely (if not impossible) for the Court of Appeals to rule on anything before July 14 which is when the TRO to prevent MS to close the deal expires. At the end of the day, people need to remember this ruling was for the injunction the FTC wanted, the actual antitrust case is a separate thing. The injunction is failing, the TRO will probably expire before an appeal is processed.

MS will close the deal between the 14th and the 18th, they will probably do some legal maneuvering in the UK in the meantime and the antitrust case from the FTC will continue (assuming they choose to go ahead with it) on August 2nd as its always been meant to and if the FTC somehow were to win that, then the merger would have to be dissolved.

n1kki6142d ago

That's not how it works. An appeal needs to be granted.

derek142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

The ninth circuit is one of the federal appeals courts directly below the Supreme Court.

Markdn142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Microsoft played the we are the underdog card and the judge fell for the line of crap.
We are so week Sony are making our lives difficult.

Apple Networth 2966 Billio Dollars
Microsoft Networth 2297 billion dollars
Sony Networth. 110 billion Dollars
Nintendo Networth 95 Billion Dollars.

Sorry but who is the underdog.?

Gaming wise true Microsoft are losers but never let them. Say there the underdog at anything. Phil put on the waterworks and milked it.

Let's be honest Microshaft could buy both Sony and Nintendo but that wouldn't get approval any where in the world, so the next thi g you do is try and make them worthless and stopping software landing on there system.

CMA seen this and Microsoft already has a monopoly on operating systems software. So handing them big company ies like Activision is so anti consumer you guys just don't realise it. I hope the deal. Goes through then the FTC win the case and then they have to dissolve the merger. Wait for the fall out from that chaos. Companies are gonna disappear.

Neonridr142d ago

Appeal was just denied apparently.

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Bobertt143d ago

It makes sense the Judge's son literally worked for Microsoft so she had a huge conflict of interest and shouldn't have even been given the case or recused herself. Hopefully the Judge for the appeal is less corrupt.

Tedakin143d ago

The judge told everyone BEFORE the case her son worked at MS and offered to recuse herself. FTC chose her to be the judge, MS wanted the case in DC. The FTC had a chance to make her recuse herself and they said they trusted her to give a fair ruling. Now they're mad cause they didn't get their way.

Abracadabra142d ago


It has been explained several times, and you continue insisting on the same thing over and over again... stubborn much!

1Victor142d ago

@n1kki:”That's not how it works. An appeal needs to be granted.”

The U.S. Courts of Appeal hear appeals from lower courts of both civil and criminal trials, but do not investigate the facts of a case. Rather, the Appeals Courts investigate whether or not the law has been fairly and correctly applied by the lower courts.

That’s what they do and they do oral hearings if the ftc got a good lawyer that can explain verbally (the dumbest down the oral argument and the better answer will win it )the risks of the purchase and future implications/impacts to the public they surely got a chance to stop it and then Microsoft will take it to the Supreme Court if the 9th circuit stop the purchase

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Christopher143d ago

Perhaps they should have presented a stronger case in the first place?

theindiearmy142d ago

Got to go back a few steps before that. They need to go back to actually finding a strong case. Can't present one if you don't even have one.

outsider1624142d ago

It's never gonna be over is it?

Anyway pass the popcorn..

FinalFantasyFanatic142d ago

I predict this crap is going to drag out for years before it either fails or gets approved.

Abracadabra142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

FTC's objective is delay, delay and more delays until the deadline.

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-Foxtrot143d ago

Literally not surprised

They FTC has been in hot water in the past after letting Ticketmaster & LiveNation merger go through as well as WarnerBros & Discovery one without any "real" opposition from them. It's funny though that now they do oppose something, basically doing their job and people still bitch...just like people with the CMA.

blackblades143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

People always gonna bitch look at GaboonViper below hes bitching. You bitch everytime there's live service related. That how the world works these days. People gonna bitch about FTC appealing.

-Foxtrot143d ago

What was the point of bringing me up in this? Seriously what actual relevance is there in that apart from having a sly dig.

I bitch about GaaS and Live Service Games because whether it's MS, Sony or third party they are shitty, there's literally no benefit to them. I give a shit about the gaming industry to not buy into them and feed the cycle.

This is totally different, they were being blasted for "not doing their job" and now it's prompted them to go full on in with this one.

Crows90143d ago

bitching about other people bitching...revolutionary!

Stanjara143d ago

He should complain. Who are you to say who can bitch or not?

blackblades143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Stop spinning what i said Stanjara. He could bitch all he wants never said he couldn't same for others.

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S2Killinit143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

At this point its too late though. They should have done their job right at trial. This is pointless, unless they are attacking the judge for not recusing herself (assuming that was at issue)

Regardless, I hope MS and activision choke on this merger and it goes terribly for both of them.

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S2Killinit143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Dont forget the telecommunications giants. FTC couldn't stop those mergers. Now the cellphone company rips you off, cable overcharges, and internet strong arms the consumer.

OptimusDK142d ago

Well it is just stupid as this is nothing the same. MS is the small guy in gaming. SONY and Nintendo are the big brothers. We have allways been seeing that MS has no games - now they are trying to change that and putting it into a service that you can choose or not. It is an offer if you want - free choice.

But now it is to much - eventhough this is how SONY got big in the first place competing with Sega and Nintendo. Sony invented the whole buy exclusivity with Tomb rainder etc. And this is not even dooin that as they promissed the biggest game to come to SONY platforms the nexst 10 years. People need to chill. It is a big waste of taxpayers money. If you read the ruling FTC cold not produce any evidence of harm at all - because there is no.

S2Killinit142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

MS is not the small guy if they are allowed to gobble up the industry with impunity and without restriction. They are only the small guy in terms of what they have achieved or produced for the industry.

MS relied so heavily on buying exclusivity that they decided to spend 69 Billion to eat up what was previously multiplatform gaming for ALL gamers, instead of developing their own. They continue this w VR.

FTC is incompetent, their lawyers are not on the level of those that defend the mega corporations.

FinalFantasyFanatic142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

In all honesty, this is one of the few cases where I'm happy to "waste" taxpayers money, I've been dicked over by monopolies, even duopolies enough, that spending money on this doesn't bother me.

Of course, the mega corporations can afford a slew of lawyers, multiples of the best lawyers money can buy, and they will find every loop hole that exists to win the case.

Huey_My_D_Long142d ago

I like this guy. Gets the bigger picture. This whole thing isn't just about video games or MS. This needs to stop. Corps have to much power over the consumer and the worker, and we are tired with our watchdogs and government regulators just being fucking useless.

JackBNimble142d ago

You guy's think you're getting ripped off for your cellphone and internet charges?
I'm not going to say you're not but just Google what a Canadian has to pay just for basic cellphone service and you might reconsider that opinion.