The History of Electronic Arts

Gamasutra has posted an intersting article on the long history of Electronic Arts. Starting all the way back with the days of Trip Hawkins, they move through the days of Madden, Nintendo, small studio purchases and, of course, the Sims.

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Rasputin20114897d ago

EA is not too shabby if you ask me....Like I have been playing the Madden, NHL, Need for Speed, and Sims franchises for years(at least a decade) and with the addition of more great franchises like DEF JAM & Battlefield I will continue to play EA games for another decade...and Remeber E.A.Sports in the game.

ElementX4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

I remember playing Road Rash on Genesis, that was a good EA game... It was a fresh idea, using chains, baseball bats, and punches/kicks in a motorcycle racing game. Those were good times...

Bullseye4896d ago

I dislike E.A and all they stand for. Publish a next gen version of M.U.L.E , then we'll talk.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4896d ago

Maddens reign is about to come to and end! Thank the gaming gods for All-Pro Football 2K8. :)

ChefDejon4896d ago

"Its in the Game" "EA BIG!" "Challenge Everything" music to my ears