Phil Spencer, Bobby Kotick, Other Microsoft & Activision Execs Comment on Xbox's Win vs FTC

Executives from Microsoft and Activision issued statements regarding Microsoft's win against the FTC in federal court.

-Foxtrot145d ago

“ The evidence showed the Activision Blizzard deal is good for the industry”

Jesus, Phil is such a bullsh***r, honestly

blackblades145d ago

100% we'll see soon enough it'll be funny when it doesn't go the way they plannned.

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Michiel1989145d ago

that won't show until a couple years down the road

maniacmayhem145d ago

And when it does, what will be the excuse then?

frostypants145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I mean they only won the lesser suit to prevent the FTC from delaying them while the broader suit proceeds. The FTC could still manage to block the deal in the end. This is like popping the champagne because they have the lead at halftime in the Super Bowl.

4Sh0w145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

frostypants, its over, Microsoft can close the deal, and it didn't take long for the CMA to bend the knee as soon as the FTC lost.

-It's crazy I (along with most of the world) told you ps guys BEFORE the FTC got to court, their case was weak. Then sure enough in court FTC presented a embarrassingly weak "bu, bu Sony" case. I told you guys the FTC was going to lose and the CMA would follow, now once again, thats exactly what happened, yet you show up with nothing but your feelings claiming FTC still has some kind of case, yes only because you can sue and appeal anything in America BUT they cannot stop the deal now, ONLY file appeals & other lawsuits but that would be an even higher bar #1 its gonna take something really, really unprecedented to get this judges decision overturned & #2 FTC still would need major evidence of harm to consumer, which if they didn't have it last week, why would they have it next month? or in 6 months?, next year? lol

-It's over FTC & Sony lost this one big time.

Godmars290145d ago

Its going to take YEARS for things to go bad, if they do go bad that is.

I mean, how long did it take for it to be accepted that 343 screwed up Halo vs when they took over and started screwing up?

tay8701144d ago

@godmars. Yah but COD is an annual game. Their incompetence should show alot quicker. Will they have some kind of contract in place to retain talent at the various studios? Seems like that would be incredibly expensive with how large ABK is. This is a big deal for MS, but I don't think its going to turn out how MS hoped. People Care about great games, otherwise MS would be in a much better position than they are. Until they can prove they can make great games, they will continue to finish last.

Montrealien144d ago

And will this bring you joy? As a gamer? Seing the failure of a company just trying to make money and videogames?

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darthv72145d ago

some say it is, others say it isnt... I am indifferent either way. I will be glad when this is all over though, so this is one step closer to closure.

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GhostScholar145d ago

Yes Phil tricked the judicial system….riiiiiiight

StormSnooper145d ago

The FTC is incompetent. They haven't even been able to stop the cell phone-internet-cable telecommunication mega mergers. That is why my internet provider screws its consumers and no one can stop them.

Christopher145d ago

I don't get this comment. Both the FTC can be incompetent and Phil can be good at bullshitting. The only people this deal is good for are Xbox for gaining IP control and executives at ABK who will get massive payouts for this sale. Absolutely nothing else changes for anyone else since game access will not be increased, expanded, or improved. You will still pay for CoD, CoD will still make the majority of its money from MTX, and one console will have access to more exclusive content than the other. This doesn't move the industry forward at all. Not an inch.

4Sh0w145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

"Both the FTC can be incompetent and Phil can be good at bullshitting."

-I'm not a huge Phil Spencer fan but in this particular case, I don't see much wrong about his statement, I mean he works for Microsoft not Sony, hell my problem with Phil is he's a bit too nice trying to play the middle ground.

"Absolutely nothing else changes for anyone else since game access will not be increased, expanded, or improved."

-Uhm actually yes the deal will increase access, CoD hasn't been on Nintendo platform in a long time, this deal changes that. Even the EU's concern about future of cloud gaming, after Microsoft's commitments concluded the deal will increase access to MORE DEVICES AND OPERATING SYSTEMS. CMA's own internal emails showed ***75%*** of the public were in favor of the ABK acquisition by Microsoft, that's in the UK, no doubt much higher here in the US. So if the gamers are voting for it, who exactly are they protecting??? Gamers actually are more informed about gaming than the *suits trying to make a name for themselves. Plus Microsoft with all its resources has helped Bethesda *improve Starfield, so I see no reason why they can't help improve upon games within ABK portfolio, sure there will be mis-steps, hits & misses as usual with or without Microsoft, thats gaming biz, but overall I don't see how you know nothing will be *expanded or *improved??? Literally the ink ain't on paper yet and you know this already???

"This doesn't move the industry forward at all."

-Maybe not, but most acquisitions don't "move the industry forward", NO they are just deals that are usually made so one platform can increase it's portfolio of games, which gives that platform more exclusives to leverage, beyond that I don't know why Xbox deals must "move the industry forward" anymore than other acquisitions. No, only *very rare groundbreaking games that somehow marry cutting edge game tech, design, storytelling and gameplay can do that....not acquisitions, but who knows, yes that's possible in time with this deal, nobody knows the future but if not at minimum everyone *interested will still get to enjoy some great-good games as usual.

GhostScholar145d ago

The idea that it’s wrong for someone to make strategic moves that make sense for that company and its ecosystem is just laughable. The fact that Sony is concerned but Nintendo isn’t is laughable. All this is just a microcosm of the idea that I’d someone doesn’t like something let’s put a stop to it. Let’s give participation trophies and just live off the government.

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Abracadabra145d ago

Phil is a bullsh***r.
Jim is a bullsh***r.
Most CEO's are bullsh***rs
Move on.

CrimsonWing69144d ago

This is kind of how I feel about it.

The fanboy back and forth is exhausting. The only "sh*tty" thing about this is now Playstation fanboys might need to buy an Xbox if they want to play COD... and that's assuming the 10 year contract doesn't get renewed.

Exclusives have been a staple in this industry since the f*cking beginning. They're just pissed because now the "other side" has an IP they want. Those of us who have all 3 consoles couldn't care any less.

Welcome to the world.

343_Guilty_Spark145d ago

You have been unable for the last couple weeks to show why it was bad.

Major fail.

maniacmayhem145d ago

They never do, they just say it over and over to convince themselves it's true.

-Foxtrot145d ago


People have been giving reasons left right and centre

The issue is, the BIG issue is people like yourself literally read the comment and ignore them

It's literally the "LALALALALA Not listening" response

I could give you a ton of reasons why I think it will be bad for the gaming industry and gaming, apart from the monopolisation part and Microsoft's "if you can't win it, buy it" mentality, but I'll give you an example.

The original Xbox One vision for Xbox and gaming going forward back in 2013...

If you think people like that truly "get" the industry and think they can better it then you are delusional, even now Microsoft is slowly putting their old plan into action, it's just done surgically over time so no one notices.

maniacmayhem145d ago

*I could give you a ton of reasons why I think*

Proceeds to not give any reasons, lol.

* "if you can't win it, buy it" mentality,*

So like Sony did when they started to compete against Nintendo?

Or how Nintendo did it when they locked third party developers out of porting or making games for Sega?

You have no idea what you're talking about and it shows with your very broad, unclear, sweeping statements on what you think MS is doing.

Lightning77145d ago

Didn't you say that it wasn't bad as it seemed?


I even said I think it'll get blocked even if the evidence is on MS side. Just like the CMA blocked them in early April I thought history would repeat itself. Phil, just like I said the numbers don't lie and evidence is all there. Unless you want to get mad at the evidence?

Maybe you should should get mad at Judge Corely who ruled in favor?

GhostScholar145d ago

My issue is the same people that are outraged would be saying what the people in favor of the buyout are saying if Sony was the one buying it. This whole thing comes down to fan boyism. No one rational can say a company is bad for expanding. The whole “if you can’t beat them, buy them” argument is just inane. I have a ps5 and a series x. I just love games l. If the deal goes through I get more games on game pass that I don’t have to pay full price for. Yay for me.

4Sh0w145d ago

"I even said I think it'll get blocked even if the evidence is on MS side."

-Yeah I remember you saying that, no disrespect but it just seemed so obvious in Microsoft's favor I just don't see how the judge could rule against them....actually BEFORE the hearing I thought the FTC was going to surprise us with some expert or unknown data that could potentially look bad for Microsoft and sway the case to maybe go either way but once they wrapped up seriously I couldn't remember a very strong argument they made to demonstrate "harm to the consumer". So by then most of the world knew they lost.

Notellin145d ago

Activision sucked before and you didn't play their games anyways.

-Foxtrot144d ago

Lol. This ain’t got nothing to do with the deal but more to do with the same old PR bullshit Phil is spewing


sonysks144d ago Show
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closed_account145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ ((sigh))


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Markdn145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

The gaming industry will implode now and Microsoft will run rampant with there cheque book and destroy the industry. All we can do is stop buying Activision games now. I Never seen the fuss over COD it's just a crap multilayer. I cant support a company that is trying so hard to. Destroy the games industry and for that reason I listed my series X online for sale. I wonder how many takers I'll get for the £1 I listed it for.