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(MP1st) Wanted: Dead Review: Performance issues and other bugs prevent the game from reaching its full potential

ROCKY28150d ago

when are we getting a software update 👍
you guys promised one and I bought the collectors edition 😳
love the game but needs a smoothing update 😊


Wanted: Dead Review -- Gamerhub UK

Bloodshed, mayhem, and karaoke -- what's not to like?

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Wanted: Dead's First Discount Since Launch Available now

Gamers yet to try 110 Industries rather cool and somewhat divisive cyberpunk themed action-game, Wanted: Dead, can now do so across Playstation, Xbox and PC with up to 50% OFF the RRP.

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justsomeoffdude213d ago

rubbish game... a combat action game that doesn't have a lock on system

Gamehard213d ago

I've been on the fence about this game since launch. Don't know if this sale is enough to justify the jank but I might just pull the trigger and get it. Evil West is on sale for the same price currently on psn, as well. Decisions, decisions... Lol.

oIMyersIo213d ago

Absolute pants game.
Avoid like the plague.

The dev also came out on Twitter and addressed issues when the game launched and stated they’d put out fixes but have been radio silent ever since (aside from advertising their game and ignoring anyone asking for updates).

Elda213d ago

Played & beat it already. Has some frustrating moments but fun overall.

HyperMoused212d ago

I had fun with this game, pleasantly surprised by it, a quirky fun one with plenty of weird mini games to boot, only thing i didnt really like is im not sure what the story is and ive played the whole thing.

bunt-custardly212d ago

It ended on a cliffhanger type situation but I wonder if they will ever make a sequel?


Wanted: Dead Review — Guns and Ramen | Exophase

Exophase: "Wanted: Dead isn’t for everyone. But for those who dig straight-up action games with a little silliness and miss the classics of both the PS2 and PS3 days, you’ll find that very specific style of play here."

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