Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Left to Release in 2023

There’s undoubtedly a lot to be excited about in the next half of 2023. Here is our National Video Game list of Most Anticipated Games left this year.

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Terry_B141d ago

Mortal Kombat, Tekken. The rest does not matter.

ClayRules2012141d ago

I know plenty who disagree with you on that, buddy.

Spider-Man 2 is coming (and if you aren’t a fan or don’t care, that’s fine) but that games going to be HUGE!

Knushwood Butt141d ago

I'm not that interested in Spider-Man in general but I'm really looking forward to the game.

Terry_B141d ago

Unbelievable..and here I was thinking that everyone here is like the LONE WOLVES and just likes Fighting Games and kares for them. Guess I need to GET SERIOUS when I write a komment ^^ Not that anyone here also looks forward to anything FATAL FURY related at the upkoming EVO event

Abear21140d ago

Expanded map and character switching, this game is my most wanted and I don’t really care for Spider-Man it’s just too well done to play anything over it.

Knushwood Butt140d ago

I'm up for Fatal Fury news too. Hoping for Mr Butt to make an appearance.

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Abear21140d ago

MK before Tekken is blasphemous, agreed anyway bc there’s no right answer all preference!

Terry_B140d ago

Well..Tekken is the game I will play online mostly..but I know I will LOVE the story stuff in Mortal Kombat. After playing the stress test demo I am also sure the game plays super nice. Its going to be the funniest MK since MK9 for sure. And finally has good music. Something I missed a lot in any of the NRS games

ClayRules2012140d ago

Yeah, the expanded map/character switching and just knowing it’s a TRUE current gen ONLY exclusive will offer an all around smoother, tighter and more amazing game for players!

And yeah, I get it if someone’s not into Spider-Man, the game is super fun, swinging through the city is really amazing in general. And as you said, it’s just too well done, it’ll be so well polished.

Lightning77141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

Immortals Of Aveum looks interesting. spider Man 2 of course, Armored Core and I have to give Starfield ago.

LordoftheCritics141d ago

This year is on another level.

I wonder if it can top 2007.

VersusDMC141d ago

Next purchases for me are ACVI, Alan Wake 2 and Spider Man 2. Maybe's are Like a dragon gaiden, star ocean 2nd and super mario RPG.

But now that i see Alan Wake 2 is 3 days before Spiderman 2 i will probably wait for the first sale on Alan Wake 2.

Christopher141d ago

Severe lack of BG3 on that list.

Chevalier141d ago

I would Fail the list for missing that

Christopher140d ago

Definitely more mainstream than the first three games mentioned and not a new IP like Aveum.

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15 Most Lively Open-World Games – 2023 Edition

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StarkR3ality13h ago

Fuck this website.

Imagine thinking you have such rivetting content that you expect people to click 15 times to view your stupid list.

repsahj11h ago

Page-4 is lively-open world? Hahaha.


Bethesda responding to negative Starfield reviews on Steam

Bethesda's customer support team has been responding to negative Starfield reviews on Steam.

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__y2jb23h ago

That's pretty pathetic but also kind of the standard expected from XBox these days.

Why struggle to create compelling content when you can just tell users they are wrong?

notachance23h ago

currently people flocked to the comment section of those reviews to mock the AI template response lol

probably used their "advanced" engine to procedurally generate those comment 🤣

OtterX22h ago(Edited 22h ago)

Someone should do a YouTube video of Starfield NPCs reading these "developer" responses, with their bland awkward faces. 😂

OtterX23h ago

Most small indies don't even grovel this much for approval. It sounds kind of unprofessional really, "oh you didn't play it right", like a teenage employee at Gamestop. Usually developer responses on Steam thank the person for their feedback, tell them that they'll consider this feedback towards future improvements to the game. This just comes across as, "our product is fine as it is, you're just not playing it right". Man, I'm starting to read these in a snarkyTodd Howard voice. 😩

anast21h ago

"Man, I'm starting to read these in a snarkyTodd Howard voice. 😩"

This means it's time to get out of this relationship.