Black Panther game officially announced from EA's new studio

EA has announced it's developing a brand new third person Black Panther game in conjunction with Marvel at its newly formed Cliffhanger Games.

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DarXyde229d ago

I've always wanted a Black Panther game...

...I can't say I've always wanted EA to make said Black Panther game.

Reserving judgment, but my feeling is that this game, at best, gets a maximum aggregate score of 70 on metacritic. Not really convinced EA has the vision to pull this off.

jznrpg229d ago

Who knows. They have done a couple really good Star Wars game lately.

I have not seen anything at all so I can’t come up with a potential aggregate score.

-Foxtrot228d ago

I don't understand because we have that Captain America game with Black Panther in it set during WW2 coming

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to control him in that aswell

I'd have preferred them tackle another hero like the Punisher, Daredevil, Blade etc

SimpleSlave228d ago

All you need to understand is that Black Panther is an extremely popular character that should've gotten a game a long time ago. And playing second fiddle in a Captain America game ain't it bud.

-Foxtrot228d ago


I doubt he's playing "second fiddle" in that game man, you don't put Black Panther in and don't let us play him.


You mean back in 2005? Like 18 years ago....

peppeaccardo228d ago

Enough with EA for me after that sore tooth launch of Battlefield 2042. They got my €100 for the Gold version and these are the last money they see from me. They could come up with a GOTY but I will never give them my money! I'll find something else to play ...

Christopher229d ago

I guess the question now is which Black Panther?

***giving them more agency and control over their narrative than they have ever experienced in a story-driven video game.***

Okay, let's not try too hard here. That's a pretty high bar for a new studio and either tells me story will be watered down or you're marketing to me heavily too early.

blackblades229d ago

Question is what's up with the other black pather game then with Captain America? Also another question is are Marvel gonna flood the gaming market with Marvel games like how they did with movies and TV series.

Christopher228d ago

I mean, yeah on the flood the market thing. They have plenty of mobile games and I'm guessing they want more out there. I'm certain the Avengers game was a disappointment for them for GaaS, but they will keep trying. They like that ongoing money stream in all their games.

Knightofelemia229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

A Black Panther with Chadwick Boseman as the voice would have been great I think. Too bad he has passed on.

badz149228d ago

you do know AI exists now that can make "Chadwick Boseman" says anything you want, right?

not gonna say they should do it, but it's possible

Knightofelemia228d ago


Yes I know they can do that but then it lacks the realism that is Chadwick Boseman and what he brings to the table. Plus you would need his family to ok that.

Sonic1881229d ago

Blade would have been more interesting

Christopher229d ago

Eh, boring enemies. Lots of vampires. I prefer something like Black Panther, Captain America, or the like who are melee focused and have a wide list of potential enemies with different abilities and combat tactics.

JimmyDM90228d ago

His enemies don't have to just be vampires. Most supernatural threats would make sense for him. You could do a Witcher type situation. Some vampire villain (maybe Dracula) has unleashed a bunch of occult monsters (Vampires, Werewolves, demons, etc) on New York, for variety could be some other city like New Orleans, and Blade has to track down and kill them before they destroy the city/accomplish their end goal. Round out the cast with Elsa Bloodstone and some other occult heroes.

Christopher228d ago

@Jimmy sounds like people don't want a Blade game but a modern Witcher game.

GhostScholar229d ago

I’d love a silver surfer game

Sonic1881229d ago

He'll be to overpowered like superman. I'm not saying it can't work though

purple101228d ago

I want gambit.

Bo-Staff and exploding playing cards.

He never featured enough in the Saturday morning cartoon either.

Pissed off about that bro!

Silver surfer would be way cool too.

Talking of which, I need an ssx snowboard game from EA. But they drag their feet.

GhostScholar228d ago

Gambit, daredevil, and on the dc side, green arrow would be my next three games I’d love to see.

badz149228d ago

with the success of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West which mainly focus on archery in combats plus traps and all...a standalone Green Arrow game can definitely work. they just need to nail the story and BAAM instant hit!

jznrpg228d ago

I’m with you. I always thought silver surfer was cool as a little kid.

RiseNShine229d ago

Lately super heroes games have been a lot better than movies, spider-man games, guardians of the galaxy, marvel midnight suns, etc. EA has also made way better Star Wars games than recent movies with jedi survivor and jedi fallen order, so there's some hope this could be good.

senorfartcushion229d ago

It always depends on the studio. A new studio built to make a new game is always worrying

GhostScholar228d ago

I’d say respawn deserves most of the credit