Spider-Man 3 'Beyond' teaser

View actual gameplay of Spider-Man 3

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wildcat5710d ago

It's not ground-breaking but Spidey games aren't that bad. I wonder if they used the tilt for PS3 'cause it'd be pretty cool free swinging with that thing on.

Maddens Raiders5710d ago (Edited 5710d ago )

but these shots of it prove it to be coming along rather nicely and improvement abound, this will be a healthy offering from SNE. As far as the sixaxis functionality - I'm not quite sure, but it would seem to make a fine pairing - to use the tilt to sling the web, grab buildings, etc....and there's no doubt that this will be the best looking Spidey game we've ever seen. Looking forward to it.

TheGoodMART5710d ago

Lets just hope this is not the final build, because I'm disappointed