Why Microsoft Downgraded 360 Shipment Figures

News that Microsoft lowered their estimates for how many Xbox 360s they'd ship before their fiscal year concludes in June emerged just after CES. The previously announced figure of 15M units was downgraded to 12M units. That's just two million units that the company plans to ship between January and June, considering that Microsoft met its goal of shipping 10M units (at CES, Robbie Bach announced that they'd shipped 10.4M units during 2006). Is Microsoft concerned with its shipment figures because two new consoles entered the market last fall? Or are they letting the retail channel sell through product before they announce the long and oft-rumored revised Xbox 360?

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Silver3604897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

Scale back on the shipments of 360's, so that retailers can sell all their instock units. Then they can release the updated black 360's. A lot easier to sell 2 million units than 5 million. So I am thinking a sku change about the same time that halo beta releases.

xfrgtr4897d ago

Author: atrimus, 02/17/2007 09:44 AM PST

it boggles my mind how people call Sony arrogant, complained about paying $600 for a PS3, and laughed when Sony said the PS3 was 10 years future prove (hence the $600 investment). yet some of these same people are willing to get another 360 (which will .....

XboxDavey4897d ago

Man my f*ckin wallet hurts.. hey bill we don't all work for m$.. also please make the new one backward compatible

Funky Town_TX4897d ago

Do you have to buy them all? If they released 50 consoles I would only buy what I needed.

Arkham4897d ago

Hopefully this will put to rest the misconception that Microsoft means "sold" rather than "shipped". 10 Mill shipped target was reached, not "sold". All the companies use these numbers. It's harder to gauge actual sales in such a short amount of time due to the complexities of the retail channels.

Black Republican4896d ago

their has been over 10million xbox sold though, u do know this right???

Master of Menace4896d ago

There have only been 9 million XBOX 360's sold. Check out

Arkham4895d ago

Figures the first post would be exactly the thing I was talking about. Read the article. Read my post.

MS's quote of 10 million shipped by end of 2006 is exactly that, shipped. Fanboys were saying "sold" at that time, which is incorrect. All these first-parties mean "shipped", as in "sold into retail channels." Sure, by now they might be 10 million sold, but the figure at end of '06 that people were describing as sold into users' hands was in actuality only 'shipped'.

Black Republican4895d ago

ok so that is where u got ur info from and myn from another that claims over 10million, and also says its updated, its real blah blha blah blha blah
anyway, u wanna know which webssite, well fuc* u i dont need to post that because in ur opinion u will be rigth no matter what
anyway thanks for the link though now i have another website to add that claims to be legit and has a whole section about it...
so now i can see exactly how it really is
thanks buddy

ur right

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dragunrising4897d ago

If there was a new sku of Xbox this can only amount to success. The hardcore will repurchase the "new" version and the old one will be sold on eBay or used game outlets. I am sold on the idea of a black 360 will a larger hard drive and hdmi. Releasing a new sku only increases the hype. Picture this: new black version of the 360 is released with Halo 3, bundled together with it; at the same time cut the price on the current skus. In this way the 360 would be reaching out to the casual/on the fence gamer (who has a fully functional 360) with a price drop and appeasing to the ever demanding hardcore gamers. Brilliant if executed correctly. I implore people to expand on this topic...

Maddens Raiders4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )

does this mean that everyone wil stop b!tching and whining about the cost of the PS3 and the two different trim (sku) levels it comes in? I doubt it since this will still not satisfy the hardcore critics who think SNE should sell only one PS3 & @ below $400 to boot (with a AAA BD player). Come on everyone this technology is ever expanding, morphing and as we all know very difficult to cultivate, harness and slap into a console for graphical and audio delight at it's peak -- all at our fingertips.

I like this move from MS. It makes the 360 come into it's own 'adolscent' self and the addition of the HDMI slot only tells me that things are really starting to ramp up for owners of HDTV's and HDCP will become more important than ever with these two machines (360,PS3) ushering in the 'nex-gen digital age' like no other electronic trojan horses of our time (mart).

With the a banner year for LCD's sold in 2006 by 'ol 'you know who' I think it's safe to say that people are demanding and are more curious than ever about the HDTV's and their capabilities. As for people saying that HDD movie and TV downloads (music) are the things of the immediate future I doubt it. Many places in Europe are wired for high speed connectivity on a wide base of customers that can stretch across 5 countries, and yes this could be realized quite easily there. However; here in the States, things are a little different. People (especially farmers and ranchers) take their land very seriously (and fight to the death over it.. remember the ALAMO!?) and therefore don't alway allow access for such technologies and (wiring) to take place on their property. America is a vast country with many different wilderness, desert, and just vast rural areas where if the cable for such service wasn't applied nearly everywhere, the realization of such a service to many people in the U.S. of A. won't be a reality. And this won't be seen for quite some time here in America.

This is where I think BR has a definite advantage in the time being over DVD9 and good 'ol HD-DVD. Immediately there is more space and content readily available on the CD without vast comression techniques and allows dev's to work freely concentrating on the core aspects of the game without having to handicap disk space or game size into their initial design theories. Will we see one of the other big two (MS, Ninty) game makers eventually incorporate a BD to compete with this obvious divide -- and a gulf which seems to widen deeeper and deeper everyday with the plethora of BR exclusives and overwhelming studio support? Hell, MS said they were always prepared to shift 'gears' (no pun) if it needed to in order to accomadate Blue-ray. We all know about the VC-1 encoding -- is this just the first step? I mean it's not going to make it an unnatractive system.

Meh... all in all, this only makes the lives of us gamers, that much sweeter. Cheers =]

gogators4897d ago

There is no gulf forming because of Blue-Ray. DVD is not goin anywhere for some time. A good upscaling DVD player from Denon looks no different in picture than a Blue Ray movie played on my PS3. Until the computer world decides, then there is no winner. And even if the industry choses one, which it probably won't for now, it still doesn't mean the end of DVD. Developers are more handicapped by developement cost than disc space, processing speed, amount of Ram, etc.

Maddens Raiders4897d ago (Edited 4897d ago )


-- --

Please don't take my comments the wrong way. Again, I believe this is a viable move for MS and a smart one. Make no mistake about it...MS is gunning for the 'sexiness' of the PS3. Yeah the 360 has great games, but for the electronic-files out there in the world it lacks the panache of a fine piece of electronics hardware. (please don't flame) This will make more and more people look at the 360 in a different way and this is from a company that doesn't manufacture electronics hardware per se on a massive scale, so someone is talking and MS is definitely listening. Again good move, MS. My point was that with the impending dominance of Blu-ray, it might be a good idea for wii and the 360 to possibly adopt it infuture players; albeit much easier for MS to do, since Ninty is not going in that direction at all. =]

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