Gamespot previews latest release of flOw

SCEA's upcoming downloadable goodie flOw is a title that's equal parts sim-life game and funky sensory experience. The game has been on Gamespot's radar since they first saw it at last year's Tokyo Game Show. The months following their first glimpse of it shed light on the unique title's origins. The game started out as a USC student's graduate project and morphed into a Flash game, then into the upcoming PS3 game. On the PS3, flOw has evolved with cleaner, high-definition visuals (the game will run in 1080p at launch), as well as higher production values, including THX support. They had the chance to try out a near-final version of the game to see how it's coming along and zone out a bit.

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techie4887d ago

I want it. It will make my mum like computer games...something the Wii has probably only achieved

Siesser4887d ago

I'd never really thought of it along those lines, but I suppose this would be an excellent title to draw in casual gamers. No complex instruction or controls, and not stress or feeling overwhelmed.

DJ4886d ago

I definitely can't wait to get my hands on this. The new gameplay videos were pretty tight.

MaximusPrime4886d ago

im looking forward to this game. Imagine playing this on HDTV